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ACTION ALERT - Endorse Irving Boycott (Alliance Against Pollution)

This is an invitation for organizations to endorse the boycott of Irving companies. The boycott will stay in effect until Irving assumes full financial responsibility for costs incurred during the lift and clean up of the IRVING WHALE, until the Federal Government is satisfied that they have paid the $42,200,000 bill they have recently received for the operation, as well as further remediation if deemed necessary. The barge sank in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 1970, along with its 4,270 Ton cargo of oil and 5000 Litres of PCBs. It was raised in 1996, with the taxpayer footing the $42,200,000 bill. After the sinking, Irving received an insurance settlement, and after the barge was raised, possession was returned to Irving. The Alliance Against Pollution is a growing network of environmental and social justice organizations formed specifically to conduct this boycott. The Alliance supports the position of the Federal Government which states that Irving is fully responsible for the costs of the lift operation and cleanup. The boycott will be launched at the Irving office at 10 Riverside Dr. in Charlottetown, PEI on Friday, April 18, from 12 to 1 pm. Let's make sure that the polluter pays! Endorsement requires only support of the boycott motion. You can confirm your organization's endorsement by contacting us (see below). We are seeking endorsements by noon Thursday, if possible, for inclusion in our Press Release. We will continue to expand the Alliance after this date, as it looks like it'll be a long hot summer!

ALLIANCE AGAINST POLLUTION R.R.#3 Belfast, PEI, Canada C0A 1A0 (902)659-2340 Fax - (902)566-4037 E-mail <slabchuk@cycor.ca>

Members of the Alliance Against Pollution: Sierra Club of Canada Canadian Animal Distress Network The Media Collective Societe pour la Vaincre de Pollution - SVP Friends of Wilderness IRATE - Island Residents Against Toxic Environments YSJ PEI - Youth for Social Justice PEI Trout River Environmental Committee Cooper Institute The Evangeline Environmental Group Toronto Environmental Alliance -TEA FOAD - Furiously Opposed to Acton Dumping Wastewise Inc. ICE - Incineration Counteracts the Environment and... ****************************************************************** Aaron Koleszar <habitat2@cycor.ca>

"TV or Not TV?" You'll never know until you try. International TV Turn-Off Week is April 24--30, 1997. Give it a try. Spread the word!

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