(en) Albania Report - 04/09

Thu, 17 Apr 1997 23:29:01 GMT

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Note on Origin: The I-AFD (Initiative for an Anarchist Federation in Germany) is a small anarchist organisation in germany attempting to build an extensive structure of all anarchists regardless of theoretical differences to improve effectiveness, cooperation and discussion within the anarchist movement. It is organised internationally in the IFA (International of Anarchist Federations).

Robert (for the A-Infos Group in germany)


*I-AFD Group Hamburg I* (i-afd_2@anarch.free.de) ALBANIA REPORT from April the 09., 1997

The only news boradcasted today was that Italian Prime minister Romano Prodi has succeeded in the opposition backing him in the vote for the military mission to Albania. He threatened that he had to report to the president if there was no majority for him, i.e. resign, and therefore Berlusconi's right wing party backed him. It was added that 2,000 Italian troops will leave by Friday, but nothing was mentioned as to where there are going to be stationed. ## CrossPoint v3.11 ##

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