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Andrew Flood (ANFLOOD@macollamh.ucd.ie)
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 14:27:14 +0100 (BST)

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[Background: 24 workers were arrested by Police at the Port of Snatos Brazil sparking a strike throughout the port]

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There are already 15 ships waiting at the entrance of the Port of Santos because of the protest strike which is paralysing the port from the morning of April 15.

The negotiations between Cosipa and the workers of Port of Santos were reassumed today, April 16, and the serious incidents of yesterday, were not repeated. The circular motorway of Piacaguera-Guaruja, which had been completely blocked by the demonstrators had its traffic reopened today at mid-morning. At the beginning of the morning, the blockade provoked long queues of lorries and cars in the roundabout leading to the Cubatao Industrial Park, where Cosipa is located.

The Port of Santos is completely paralysed by the strike declared on the 15, as a protest for the assault on the dockers which had occupied the ships "Marcos Dias" and "Vancouver", at the company's terminal. Fifteen ships were waiting at the entrance of the port. Six of them were going to Cosipa's berth. In the port itself, another 18 ships were paralysed.

Today in the afternoon, April 16, negotiations will be reassumed between four representatives of Cosipa and four representatives of the workers, trying to look for a way out to the impasse which has already provoked big prejudices for operations in the port.

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