(en) Brazil dockers arrested, police storm ships (pt)

Andrew Flood (ANFLOOD@macollamh.ucd.ie)
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 15:49:45 +0100 (BST)

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Translated from Port of Santos union's web site by LabourNet


Federal Police assault the ships

25 workers arrested

Port of Santos completely paralysed by strike

The Federal Police assaulted the two ships at the Cosipa berth, "Vancouver" and "Marcos Dias"

They arrived at 4 in the morning, April 15, by land and sea and attacked the ships.

There were clashes and 25 of the workers which were on the ships have been arrested.

According to some reports they have been taken to warehouse number 35 in the port.

There is great tension in front of Cosipa's berth gates where 500 workers are face to face with the assault troops and new clashes may take place. The Port of Santos is completely paralysed by a general strike. Other ports are expected to strike in the following hours.


Background info in English at LabourNet: www.labournet.org.uk There is a lot more news in Portugese on the Santos unions web site. http://www.portodesantos.com/sindicatos

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