(en) Deaf and disabled communities strengthen April 27 protes

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Thu, 10 Apr 1997 10:40:34 -0500

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Press Release

Attention: News Editor Press Contact: Leslie Feinberg April 10, 1997 (212) 633-6646

Deaf and disabled communities strengthen April 27 protest

Statement of Brian Shea, coordinator of the disabled contingent at April 27 protest in Philadelphia: "When President Clinton signed the so-called Welfare Reform Act last year he condemned 2.6 million people, including 1.1 million children, to poverty. With the implementation of this law, nearly 200,000 poor disabled children will lose their Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The children most at risk of losing SSI are those who have multiple disabilities. Eleven million families, eight million of them working families, will lose an average of $1300 a year. In addition, 800,000 poor immigrants are losing their SSI.

"The participation of Deaf and disabled people will strengthen the April 27th demonstration. Special outreach is being done to mobilize the families of children who are losing their benefits because the government is redefining what it means to be disabled.

"Disabled activists are organizing a contingent. New York is providing wheelchair accessible buses. The march and rally itself will be wheelchair accessible.

"A Deaf representative will address the April 27 rally. That address will be reverse voice interpreted for the hearing. Deaf organizers have issued a leaflet to the Deaf community that is being distributed from Gallaudet College in Washington, D.C., to the Internet. The entire rally will be ASL interpreted for the Deaf.

"President Clinton, George Bush, Colin Powell and the other luminaries who will gather in Philadelphia on April 27 will be met by thousands of protesters who will demand that Mumia be given a new trial so that his innocence can be proved," Shea said. "The old system of welfare that kept people in poverty is not the solution. What is needed is real jobs at decent wages or a guaranteed income for all.

"All of the cuts can be reversed. If there are enough people fighting back we can overturn the Anti-Welfare Law. Join the thousands who will be in Philadelphia on April 27."


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