(en) Cyber Patrol censoring Industrial Worker

Lyn Gerry (linjin@tao.ca)
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 13:38:57 pst

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Subject: (en) Cyber Patrol censoring Industrial Worker (fwd)

cyber nanny doesn't like politics either !!

---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: 07 Apr 1997 20:25:31 From: fpc@usa1.com To: Recipients of conference <iww-news@igc.apc.org> Subject: Cyber Patrol censoring Industrial Worker

Fellow Workers,

After reading FW Chris' message about CyberPatrol blocking the online Industrial Worker, I was curious about why these cretins have put the IW on their list.

As Chris suggested, I went to:


I typed iww.org/~iw into the search engine and got the following strange result:

Blocked!! results:

CyberPatrol: http://fletcher.iww.org/~iw Violence/Profanity

If you believe your site has been listed in error and should not be blocked, you can try sending email to these addresses:

CyberSitter: bmilburn@solid oak.com NetNanny: gordonR@netnann y.com CyberPatrol: sydrubin@aol.com

Talk about intellectual dishonesty! Violence and profanity!? Why are they ashamed to admit that they don't want working people to learn about the revolutionary program of the IWW? Why can't they just admit that they're afraid of the economic and political ideas that are communicated in the pages of the Industrial Worker? Instead of labeling us as "Communist subversives", which of course is what they think we are, these cowards have tried to brand us with "Violence and profanity", as if the IW is like some tasteless TV show. The boss class has always tried to stifle the voice of the IWW because we scare the hell out of them, no matter how small we are. (Look at that, violence and profanity in the last sentence, oh my god!) The only threat to their continued and eternal bamboozlement of the toiling masses is that ideas such as those conveyed by the Industrial Worker start to spread and catch fire. So the attempt of a money-grubbing capitalist outfit such as CyberPatrol to block out access to the Industrial Worker comes as no surprise. That they would use such a gutless pretext to block us is a bit more surprising, but maybe they're afraid that "liberals" might object to blocking our newspaper on purely political grounds.

To the censors:

So, CyberPatrol bootlicking lackeys, here's my challenge: Show the courage of your slimy capitalist convictions and give us the label we deserve: Red. If you can't bring yourself to be honest enough to admit that you don't want young people to be free to learn about the Industrial Workers of the World because we are Reds, and proud to be Reds, than how about lifting your ban altogether?

Who appointed you to trample over the sacred right to Free Speech, anyhow? The Industrial Worker is the official newspaper of the Industrial Workers of the World, and bills itself as "The Voice of Revolutionary Industrial Unionism". Any but the most degraded cynic would have to acknowledge that it is precisely publications like the Industrial Worker that embody the concept of Free Speech. By attempting to deny young people the right to hear the voice of the IWW, you reveal your total contempt for the "free marketplace of ideas" that you no doubt claim to uphold.

Here's some unsolicited personal advice:

For your own good, while you still have a shred of self-respect, why not try to find a less shameful line of work? No freedom loving individual likes a censor, and I'm sure you are already circumspect about revealing your unfortunate occupation to people you meet. You'll feel a lot better about yourself if you find an honorable trade, and people will respect you more too.

For the One Big Union, Frank Callahan, X342780

Chris wrote: >
> Dear Vice President of Public Relations,
> I am writing to express concern that the newspaper of my union, the
> Industrial Workers of the World http://iww.org/~iw, has been targetted
> by your corporation for potential censorship by customers of your
> CyberNot product. I was referred to you by another person whose equally
> legal web page was also suggested for potenial censorship.
> I confirmed that our newspaper's website is blocked by searching for it
> on the
> http://cgi.pathfinder.com/@@J0YSIQcAt6RG20S1/netly/spoofcentral/censored/
> web page.
> I request that you immediately remove our newspaper from any part of your
> product and provide clarification as to how and why our newspaper was
> targetted in the first place.
> Looking forward to your reply (and please cc our union's discussion list,
> iww-list@iww.org),
> Chris Vance
> co-worker of on-line _Industrial Worker_ newspaper

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