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2nd gathering for Humanity and Against neoliberalism

This mail is very important if you oppose neoliberalism and are located in _or_ have contacts with _any_ of the following countries/regions

Canada - USA - Oceania - English speaking Antillas - Africa (English speaking) - Western Sahara - Colombia - Brazil -Belize - Israel - Arabian Peninsula - Pakistan - India - Bangladesh -Thailand - East Timor - New Guinea - Taiwan - Lithuania.

Planning is now well under way for the 2nd. Intercontinental Gathering for Humanity and against Neoliberalism. The Prague meeting delegated the Irish and British groups to organise the delegations from all countries where English is the most common language outside Europe.

As both these groups are soon this mean National Committee(s) need to be set up in these countries as soon as possible to organise delegations to attend the gathering. Therefore the Irish Zapatista Action Project (ZAP) which is the organising committee here is putting out this appeal for people to start the process of setting up organising committees in these own countries. We also include here the explanation of the London fHuman group about the encounter.

If you are from any of the listed countries and you are active against neoliberalism _and_ are willing to help co-ordinate a delegation from your country to attend this encounter email mark_c@geocities.com and fhuman@hotmail.com so you can be put in touch with others from your country.


Hi ! As you may know the 2nd. Intercontinental Gathering will be held in Spain from the 26th July to the 2nd. of August this summer. The European Zapatista groups are organising it. We've already had 3 meetings (Zurich, Barcelona, Prague) to set it up. The contents have been decided through a consultation which has been answered by over 1,000 people (more information about this in www see http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/3849/gatherdx.ht ml

We want the Gathering to be AS INCLUSIVE AS POSSIBLE. That is why we are asking you to help by setting up an Organising Committee for your region/country.

What is the work of an Organising Committee ?

1- Establish contacts : * make contacts with all groups + individuals in your region/country who may be interested in taking part in the Gathering. * do the same with other resistance groups/struggles in other regions/countries you already have contact with. * we in Europe have a few contacts with some e.g. : Asia. What regions/zones could you take responsibility for contacting ?

2- Send pre-inscriptions : Everybody who wants to attend the Gathering has to fill out a pre-inscription form. This simple registration form will be sent to you very soon to distribute and collect.

You then send the pre-inscription back to the European Contacts Commission Centre in the Spanish state (see the address on the pre-inscription form) BY 31st. OF MAY .

3- Helping with the fund-raising : In Europe a special fund is being created to pay travel costs for special cases outside Europe. We would like other rich regions to do the same !!

So now, if your group decides to help set up an Organisation Committee please write back to us at E- mail : Mark_c@geocities.com BY SATURDAY THE 12th OF APRIL.

We will sent you the list of group volunteering. You contact the groups you would like to set up a Committee with (if there is any ) and send us a contact address for your Committee (with the area/s you'll be responsible for).

We are aware the short time available and would appreciate your prompt response. Please distribute this information to ensure a constructive GLOBAL GATHERING in Spain. If you have any question/suggestion/inspiration...please get in touch. Yours in solidarity, Mark Connolly for the ZAP (Zapatista Action Project).


Here is the Manifesto which the fHUMAN London Committee will use to publicize the 2nd Encuentro. It is mainly a translation of an Italian text. We have added the Barcelona contact address and the relevant Website address at the end. Please pass on this text to anyone who needs an English-language announcement.


We live in a period when human relations are intensely colonized. Everywhere the same social system subjects humanity to the law of money and homogenizes life, generating poverty and devastation. Faced with the ruins inflicted by this relentless machine, resistances arise from other ways of life, yet these seem condemned to isolation. The time has come to break the vicious circle which prevents humanity from bringing together its unease, its struggles and the will for change.

In Mexico the armed revolt of the indigenous community of Chiapas, organized by the EZLN, has opened the way towards a different future for us all. Since the 1st January 1994 the imaginative struggle of the Zapatistas has spurred people worldwide to create alternatives to neoliberalism. Their initiatives have been created outside the bounds of traditional institutional politics and always seek to involve the greatest possible numbers, especially among marginalized people.

In this spirit the First Intercontinental Meeting for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism was organized in August 1996, hosted by five indigenous communities in Chiapas, despite the military occupation and siege by the Mexican Federal Army. The first Encuentro attracted more than three thousand people from 43 countries in five continents. They gained the opportunity to meet each other, to reflect and express themselves, in an unprecedented act of solidarity.

These participants dared to cross the threshhold opened by the Zapatistas and sought to cross to the other side of the looking-glass. There everyone could be equal, precisely because they succeed in being different, so that various ways of life co-exist, all joined in rejecting the present system with the desire to construct a world which includes many worlds -- the 'humanity' of which we speak.

Everywhere there are people who are fed up with the dominant values, who seek to change their own lives, to open new spaces and construct a more dignified present. Everywhere there are willing accomplices desiring to live an adventure. To achieve this, it is worth extending the Chiapas initiative and creating the network of resistance which was proposed by the first Encuentro:

'An international network of resistance in which people help each other, a network without an organized structure, without a central command, without a hierarchy. A network comprising all those who resist.'

For all those aims we announce the next Encuentro:


We want a meeting of all struggles against neoliberalism, of all people (organized or not) who feel discontented with the life that is imposed upon us.

We want to create a meeting which emphasizes the exchange of ideas, practices and desires -- beyond the formal conclusions and resolutions.

We want a self-organized meeting, where the people who participate create the meeting themselves, getting involved in the preparatory tasks in working groups which take on the practical tasks which make the meeting possible. This organizational process is as important as the meeting itself. We want a meeting which offers everyone the possibility of experimenting with new forms of politics. We want to leasrn how to open new self-organized political spaces. We want to break with our own limits and the barriers -- informational, political and cultural --- which keep us apart.

We want everyone, both men and women, to learn how to walk together and master our own lives.

And we want to speak with all those interested in making possible this Second Intercontinental Meeting for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism.

In Britain please contact: fHUMAN London Committee, c/o BM-CRL, London WC1N 3XX, email fhuman@hotmail.com

For further information and contact details for groups in your own country: Colectivo de Solidaridad con la Rebelion Zapatista Calle de la Cera 1 bis ES-08001 Barcelona Spain Tel. +34-3-442 21 01 or 329 06 43 fax +34-3-329 08 58 E-mail ellokal@pangea.org

Web page for advance planning and future details of the Encuentro: http://www.pangea.org/encuentro/

    Find out about the Revolution in Mexico

International gathering for Humanity and against neoliberalism http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/3849/gatherdx.html

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