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Welcome to A-Infos.

The following is available in languages other than English on request. There are currently over 550 addresses subscribed to the A-Infos newsfeed.

Traffic is moderate and multi-lingual.

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THE A-INFOS INTERNET PROJECT *****************************


Alternative news by email


We welcome news, reports, analysis on any subject of interest to individuals and movements active in the struggle for human liberation.


Responsibility for the content of messages sent lies with the person who sends the message to the list. We welcome contributions which reflect anarchist or related views or information which may be of interest to an anarchist reading public.

Subscribers to A-Infos lists are probably interested in anarchist and anarchist related arguments. We do not, therefore, welcome articles which contradict this fundamental position.

In order for people to be more informed about what they are reading we would request that people sending messages to A-Infos include some or all of the following information where appropriate:

** source - where the information is coming from

** a postal address

** an electronic address or URL

** if the message is a collective statement from a particular organisation then a brief statement of the aims and objectives of that organisation.

** If you are sending information from a source which many anarchists would consider authoritarian please say why it could still be considered of interest to anarchists.

Anything sent to the list should be considered to be in the public domain - free for other subscribers to use in any way they wish - a kind of international anarchist news service. How it will be developed can be discussed on a parallel list (see below).

This list is a 'mailing' list as opposed to a 'discussion' list. That is to say should you wish to discuss the content of a message you should contact the mailer directly. Replies to messages previously sent to a-infos are re-directed to a- infos-d.


A-Infos now offers you a choice as to how you wish to receive these postings. Apart from A-Infos we have set up two further filtered feeds described here. A-Infos has agreed a system whereby messages sent to a-infos are filtered. Replies to messages previously sent to A-Infos are rediredted and messages of a commercial nature from profit making organisations are rejected. Further developments in the area are discussed on a-infos-org.

A-INFOS (a-infos@tao.ca)

A-INFOS is the instant newsfeed. If you subscribe to this list you will receive the filtered feed as it comes through


A-INFOS24 (a-infos24@tao.ca)

A-INFOS24 is the daily feed. If you subscribe to this list you will receive a digest of news every 24 hours.


A-INFOZINE (a-infozine@tao.ca)

A-INFOZINE is a regular digest and is sent to you when a specified amount of information has been received (currently approximately 30k).


A-INFOS-ORG (a-infos-org@tao.ca)

A-infos-org is concerned with the administration and development of the internet project


A-INFOS-D (a-infos-d@tao.ca)

A-INFOS-D was set up as a parallel discussion list to a-infos.


A-INFOS-RAW (a-infos-raw@tao.ca)

a-infos-raw is the unfiltered newsfeed for a-infos. as such, it occasionally experiences some of the negative effects of unmoderated lists: spams, irrelevant material, flames, excessively large attachments, etc. if you are unprepared for the traffic load these "effects" create, we suggest subscribing to a-infos, which is the filtered newsfeed.


A-INFOS-WORK (a-infos-work@tao.ca)

a-infos-work is the list where the editorial decisions are posted. It is a real work list and no discussion is allowed here. If you are interested in what is actually approved by the editorial collective you may find this interesting.


All postings to the main filtered newsfeed are automatically archived. This archive is regularly (every month or so) updated so there is an up-to-date web page and sections which are ordered chronologically. Some work (though very little) has been done to sort this information in other ways.

The archive can now be searched using a search engine which has now been installed:


Occasionally important news stories are assigned their own section with (where possible) background information and graphics. We are also beginning to cover stories around the world as they happen with photographic material of events later reproduced on our server. A strike in Canada was covered in this way.

Some of the journals where information for the newsfeed comes from are also assigned to a specific location. This allows visitors a further opportunity to select information in the language(s) of their choice.

All developments are linked to the a-infos homepage at:



We are in the process of creating the A-Infos Radio Project. The project will serve as a conduit for broadcasters and activist news gatherers to exchange material, and for individuals to listen directly off the World Wide Web. If you are interested in participating in the realization of the project-in-progress, join our on-line workgroup radio@tao.ca

Appendix 1

====================================================== MAILING LIST COMMANDS

All commands may be sent to:


No subject line must be entered and signatures should be turned off. Write the command in the body of the message followed by the name of the list.


subscribe <list name> adds your name to a list unsubscribe <list name> removes your name from a list info <list name> sends you information about the list help sends general information relating to majordomo


Appendix 2

Apart from English language postings we welcome, and encourage you to send, information in langauges other than English. For this reason please observe the following conventions in your subject line:


. Indicate the language/s your message is written in by a prefix

eg (en), (fr), (ca,it)

. Indicate if further translations are to be posted/available with a suffix

eg (fr) Message title (en)

(NB This means the message is in French with an English translation available/to be posted)

Please use the following abbreviations (fuller list available on request)

da => Danish de => German (deutsch) en => English ca => Spanish/castillian (espa~nol) fr => French it => Italian nl => Netherlandic no => Norwegian pt => Portugesian sv => Swedish



Please suppress all accentuation in postings to A-INFOS

******** The A-Infos News Service ******** COMMANDS: majordomo@tao.ca REPLIES: a-infos-d@tao.ca HELP: a-infos-org@tao.ca WWW: http://www.tao.ca/ainfos/