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From: warresisters@gn.apc.org (War Resisters' International) Subject: Osman faces 16 years imprisonment

3 April 1997

Today (3 April) was the first hearing of a new trial against Turkish war resister Osman Murat Ulke. This time he faces four charges:

1. Desertion: because he did not report to the military unit after he was released by the Military Court in Eskisehir on 27 December 1996. Article: Turkish Military Penal Code Article 66, Para 1a Sentence: from 1 year up to 3 years

2. Using tricks in order to avoid military service: The prosecutor claims that the concept of conscientious objection is not in accordance with the reality of the country and it is a trick to claim such a right in order not to perform military service. Article: Turkish Military Penal Code Article 81, Para 1 Sentence: up to 10 years

3. Draft evasion: Osman is considered to have been a draft evader between 1992 and 1995. Article: Turkish Military Penal Code Article 63, Para 1a Sentence: from 4 months up to 2 years

4. Not to join the unit on time: Osman was enlisted as a conscript on August 29 1995, after a trial in the Military Court of General Staff. Afterwards he held a press conference, declaring his conscientious objection, on 1 September 1995. Arrested in October 1996, he was sent to the military unit at the end of November 1996. So there is a delay of 17 months between his enlistment and his "participation" in the unit. Article: Turkish Military Penal Code - Article 63, Para 1b

NEXT HEARING - 1 MAY The next hearing for these four cases will be on 1 May, the same day as the first hearing of the abrogation trial against ISKD - Izmir Savas Karsitlari Dernegi (Izmir War Resisters Association). Osman, as president of ISKD, is one of the accused at that tirla.

DISCIPLINE SENTENCE IN MILITARY PRISON Osman is refusing to wear military uniform both in military units and military prisons. The internal disciplinary regulations of the prison consider this an offence. Therefore, last month he was was sentenced not to receive letters for one month. This sentence finished at the beginning of this month, but he has now been condemned not to receive letters and not to have visitors for one month.

Please continue to send letters and postcards to Osman. He will receive the collected letters at the end of his sentence.

Address: Osman Murat Ulke 1 Taktik Hava Kuvvetleri Komutanligi Askeri Cezaevi 3 Kogug Eskisehir Turkey

ISKD new fax: +90 232 369 02 52

Protest messages to: Minister of Justice, Mr Sevket Kazan Adalan Bakanligi, O6659 Ankara Turkey fax +90 312 425 4066/417 3954

Minister of Defence, Mr Turham Tayan Milli Savunma Bakanligi, 06100 Ankara Turkey

May 15 - International CO Day - take action in your own country in support of Osman and the Turkish war resistance movement!

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