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Rick Coronado (riccawu@MNSi.Net)
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 17:44:56 GMT

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>Please forward to appropriate lists.
> An agreement was reached and ratified March 31 between CUPE 1001
>and the administration at the university of Windsor. Workers returned the
>same day, following a strike of about six weeks.
> Congratulations to our sisters and brothers around the world for
>your support!
> University management was said to have been out to break the
>union, but support on campus, in the city of Windsor and around the world
>brought enough pressure to bear to bring management back to the table and
>end the strike.
> The office of university president Ron Ianni was flooded with
>e-mail, calls and faxes from supporters around the world, who were
>instrumental in bringing an end to the strike.
> This union has taken a beating but survived an attempt to break
>it up!
> The public employees union voted 94 percent in favour of a
>settlement. Hurting from six long weeks on the picket lines, the union
>made concessions in order to get back to work. Current employees will
>receive a small wage increase or accept a freeze, while new hires in
>part-time food services will start at $8.50 an hour, 38 percent less than
>their co-workers. And, if there isn't a turnover of 35 workers by the end
>of the year, under the settlement the lowest seniority workers will have
>to shift to the lower wage grid.
> These concessions were previously inadequate for management,
>which apparently was out to break the union and contract out their jobs.
>Until the campaign went national and international management appeared to
>be headed for success.
> It's not clear that the negotiated agreement meets a directive by
>the University Senate on March 20, that the administration "return to
>negotiations immediately and continue at the table until a just and
>equitable settlement is achieved."
> Some may feel this is not a "just and equitable" settlement.
>If you have comments or opinions, feel free to express them to Dr. Ron
>Ianni, University President, rianni@uwindsor.ca
>And, send me a copy,
>Dr. James Winter,
>Associate Professor,
>University Senator, &
>Member, Faculty Council


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