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[Background: Jason Moreland a teenage anarchist active in Georgia, USA was arrested several months ago for distributing 33 copies of a magazine called 'Rise Above' at a rock concert. He was initally charged under US anti-anarchist laws dating from the early years of the century with "advocation of the overthrow of the government of Georgia"]

New News Isn't Good News

Once more the State of Georgia has decided to indict Jason again. In January the DA changed the charge against Jason from the "advocation of the overthrow of the government of georgia" to the "unlawful training in the use or making of dangerous weapons." A month later we got word that the DA dropped the indictment only a few weeks after the Grand Jury decided that the State's case against Jason would go to trial.

However, we rested to soon.

We were informed that the charges had not been dropped and that the DA could attempt to indict him two more times and almost a month later they decided to do so. Jason received a phone call from a friend exclaiming that he was a "celebrity" again. However Jason hadn't seen the Clayton Daily News that day and after a short conversation with his friend he was informed that he was to be re-dicted. After a few phone calls to his lawyers and to the newspaper, we found out that DA Robert Keller decided to try to re-indict Jason after increased pressure from the Clayton County Police Department to do so.

April 16th is the date set for Jason's arraignment, and he has been informed that the police may want to take him back into custody then. He's already $3000 in debt from the first time. This is completely ridiculous. If they do take him into custody there's a good chance that he may loose his job cleaning rooms at a motel near where he lives.

We're sick of the harassment of Jason by the State. We're asking that you write letters to the Clayton County Police Department, District Attorney Robert Keller and the Clayton Daily News demanding that the charges against Jason be dropped. Please send your letters to us at:

Circle A Magazine c/o Ignatz PO Box 80967 Chamblee, GA 30366

All letters will be forwarded to the appropriate destination. So be nice.

We are also including a copy of the petition being circulated by Jason and his Lawyers, so collect some signatures and send them to us. If you would like some more information about Jason's case, please feel free to contact us at the above address and we will send it to you. Thank you, Ignatz

_________________________________ Petition________________________________

In Re: The State of Georgia V Jason Moreland

We, the undersigned, hereby petition the District Attorney of Clayton County, Robert Keeller to drop all charges against Jason Moreland. We understand that Jason was charged with "unlawful training in use or making of dangerous weapons" after he produced a small magizine titled "Rise Above" of which he distributed about 33 copies at a rock concert. We do not believe that he poses a danger to the community nor do he intend any information included in his magazine to be unlawfully employed for use in or in furtherance of a civil disorder, riot, or insurrection.

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