(en) Free Speech Fight in Eugene, Oregon

02 Apr 1997 15:21:58

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From: "Dennis Soper" <Dennis.Soper@efn.org>

On March 29, Sundance Natural Foods of Eugene, Oregon, found out the consequences of calling the cops on Wobblies. The Eugene GMB, who had been leafletting the store twice weekly for about a month in support of the Gardenburger boycott, had had the cops called twice on them on the previous weekend, including one incident in which the police responded by sending 7 cruisers in response to 3 FWs who were leafletting the store.

In response, the Eugene GMB organized a picket of the store in which approxiametely 50 people participated. These folx included, besides the Wobs, members of IATSE, AFMCSE, OPEU (the Oregon Public Employees Union), CISCAP, the Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network, and a number of other concerned community members and their families. Wobs with bullhorns led the picketers in chants and songs while the music of FW Utah Phillips wafted over the abnormally-empty parking lot.

As a result, the Eugene GMB recovered, for the time-being, the use of the sidewalk in front of the store, free of police harassment. Hopefully, we also sent a message to the bosses of Eugene that its workers are no longer willing to tolerate such harassment, especially when it comes from the hands of an organization that purports to practice a "kinder, gentler capitalism" (of course we all know that this concept is just for of the same old shit covered up with another load of baby powder).

All in all, a wonderful time was had by all, except of course the bosses, and the scissorbills who crossed the line.

In solidarity, x345088 Dennis Soper dsoper@efn.org

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