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National Peoples Campaign (npcny@peoplescampaign.org)
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 21:33:44 +0000

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National People's Campaign 813 South 48th St. Philadelphia, PA 19143 Phone: (215) 724-1618, Fax: (215) 724-8513 email: philnpc@op.net

New York Office 39 West 14th St. #206, NY, NY 10011 Ph: (212) 633-6646, (212) 633-2889 email: npcny@peoplescampaign.org web page: http:\\www.peoplescampaign.org

For Immediate Attention: Assignment Desk Press Contacts: (215) 724-1618 Frank Alexander, Berta Joubert

Press Conference Reminder

Thursday April 3rd at 12:00 noon, Love Park (15th and JFK) to Announce Protest of Clinton's Cutback Summit

Representatives of community organizations, church groups, immigrants, health service providers, food service providers for homeless people, labor and others throughout Philadelphia will hold a press conference this Thursday April 3rd at 12:00 noon at LOVE Park at 15th and JFK Blvd. to announce plans for protests targeting the President's Summit on April 27th.

Confirmed Speakers At Press Conference:

Angel Ortiz, City Councilman Paul Washington, Rector Emeritus Church of Advocate Ray Martinez, Past President SEIU L-668, Philadelphia Mark Taylor, Professor/Theologian at Princeton Theological Seminary Rev. Jacqueline Lewis, Pastor Imani Community Church & Center, Trenton, NJ David Acosta, Gay & Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative Pam Africa, International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu Jamal Berta Joubert, Philadelphia coordinator of the Coordinadora '96 Luz Morales, Social Worker, Health Center Dawn Asaro, Prevention Point and ACT-UP Marlene Santoyo, Germantown Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Rachel Green, Sharing & Caring Regeneration Center Bob Simpson, Philadelphia Catholic Worker and Cuba Support Coalition

Berta Joubert, Philadelphia representative of the Coordinadora '96, is currently a spokesperson for the April 27th National March in Philadelphia. "At the April 3rd press conference, we will demand that the current legislation which has cut hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers and their children off of food stamps, SSI, and other benefits be overturned immediately. We will also announce our plans for a mass rally on April 27th that will number in the thousands. People are coming to Philadelphia from New York, Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago and as far away as Los Angeles and San Francisco."

International and national media will be present in Philadelphia to cover both the President's Summit for America's Future and the first national mass rally to overturn the recent welfare/ immigration "reform legislation" which eliminated the federal guarantee to welfare as an entitlement. Protesters will speak out against drastic budget cuts to all vital social programs, against police brutality & racism, to stop corporate pollution, to end workfare & demand jobs at living wages, and to slash the bloated Pentagon budget.



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