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Wed, 02. Apr 1997 22.38 GMT

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Robert (for the A-Infos Group in germany)


*I-AFD Group Hamburg I* (i-afd_2@anarch.free.de) ALBANIA REPORT from March the 31., 1997

News today again were scarce and concentrated on the vessel sunk near Brindisi.

The vessel seems to have started from Vlore where 83 of the victims were said to have come from; the number including 23 children. There were demos in Vlore yesterday and today to protest the sinking of the vessel, each seeing several thousand participants according to news reports. People went to the port of Vlore and threw flowers into the water for their dead relatives. During these demos, people again demanded Berisha to step down. The correspondent added that there was a lot of hatred against Italy resp the captain who sank the vessel. A speaker during the demo was shown on TV and his words were translated into: we don't know what the troops will be for, so keep your guns. Nothing else of this speech or others was translated.

Correspondents said that the growing anti-Italian feelings were presenting difficulties for the forces to arrive. Some speculated that no Italian troops will be sent to Vlore, but Greeks instead of soldiers of other nationalities. However, nothing was said about the forces, when they will arrive, which nations will participate etc.

Obviously, people in Vlore have lost relatives whom they mourn, and there also seems to be bad feelings against those responsible for their deaths. It was hard to judge, though, how much of this was facts and what was exaggerated and in which way. I can also imagine that there are people in Vlore now who want to fight Italian soldiers when they arrive, but I'm afraid that this scene is not necessarily representative for the feelings but was chosen for its descriptiveness and to give "proof" that the Albanians are not quite civilized.

Some news reported further plunderings in Albania without being precise as to where they happened.

Berisha ordered a national day of mourning today, despite - as was pointed out by some correspondents - his not being at speaking terms with the population of Vlore. Only pictures from Tirana were shown where flags were lowered and some drivers blew their horns at noon as they had been told to do in protest.

There were no news about the political situation, nothing about further shipments of food and medicine. Many news only dealt with Albania very shortly, and it is no longer a main issue on news reports anyway. Some news reports no not mention Albania at all during the last days. It seems like now the military force was decided upon by UN security council and nodded off by Albanian so-called parliament, TV stations (and some of ours are semi-stated owned)or whoever want to turn public interest off the matter, so that everything can take its due course without too much news coverage on the real situation, the political demands by the population etc. ## CrossPoint v3.11 ##

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