(en) Fascist attacks (ca)

Alberto (cual@posta.unizar.es)
Wed 2 April 1997

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During the last few weeks there have been three arson attacks by extreme right elements in the Spanish State.

Towards the end of February the Ateneo Libertario of Berga (Catalunya) was set on fire. This was a meeting place for young people from Berga's area. The damages were considerable.

On March 5 an arson fire totally destroyed the CGT offices in Segovia. It was the meeting place for Alternativa Libertaria/ Insumision Assembly who were busy with a lot of activities.

On March 15, as he was setting fire to a bar patronized by antifascist youth, a professional soldier and neonazi militant was arrested. His arrest by local police avoided serious damages. The official version tried to diminish the importance of the incident noting that it was the act of a neighbor getting even for the noise coming out of the bar late at night. This is false since the nazi is not a neighbor and the bar closes before midnight. He was released conditionally the following day.

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