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Fri, 28 Mar 97 16:57:56 PST

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To whom it may concern... a call for help and solidarity

In Metelkova, a developing social and cultural centre in Ljubljana, Sloveni= a, Skrati (Elves), a social ecology group and Collective of Anarchist Pacif= ist Activities are working on setting up an infoshop and a reading room. Th= is would be a place where people could get in touch with the abundance of r= adical, revolutionary, libertarian and humanitarian thought in the form of = books, comics, fanzines and magazines, CDs, video and audio tapes, etc. We = are trying to form a space, which when established could bear enormous soci= alizing, educational and sociable potential, especially for people and grou= ps interested or involved with radical social change. We want to fill our shelves with anything on radical social theory and crit= ique, permaculture, forest gardening, anarchism, feminism, human and animal= rights, social ecology, class issues and struggle, racial and native issue= s, lesbian and gay studies, bioregionalism, liberation struggles, biotechno= logy and genetic engineering, civil unrest, vegetarianism/veganism, liberta= rian thought, communes and intentional communities, open/multiple relations= hips, political propaganda, appropriate technology, third world issues, cri= tical communication science, direct action, countercultures, ecological pro= jects, engaged art, animal liberation (front), political prisoners, squatti= ng... We would like to provide a forum for the dissemination of DIY/independent c= reativity, to establish an info-point which would serve as a real contact r= esource for people using our library, but also a place where one could get = thought provoking, intelligent, and hopefully inspiring material of any kin= d that is often very hard to get in mainstream/"established" institutions. = It is also our long term intention to set up a distribution point of the co= llected material, so if this is of interest to you, get in touch with us. This is therefore our appeal to all individuals, groups, distribution/mail = order services and publishers that could send us material, put us on their = mailing list, give us a subscription, or donate anything else that we could= use to raise funds. At the moment our funds are non-existent, that's why w= e're relying on your generosity and kindness to start moving. If you require any additional information or would just like to write, don'= t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you very much in advance!

Please, forward this, tell others about it, put it in your publication. Tha= nks!

Contact: Skrati Retina Metelkova ulica 6 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia


***************************************************** SKRATI (eng. ELVES) - BASIC INFO

We are an informal, non-hierarchical social ecology group, simultaneously a= ctive on two complementary levels - on the one hand we (re)present a critiq= ue of the existing society and human relations, on the other we co-create s= ocially and ecologically more appropriate ways of being, living and acting.= Due to a reasonable popularity of "ecology", which has an extremely reduct= ionist and one-sided approach to dealing with ecological problems, we warn = against forgetting that ecological problems have social origins. We cannot = create an ecological society without abolishing exploitative, hierarchichal= , authoritarian relations and social and economic arrangements based on the= m. On the other hand, Elves are concerned about adding an ecological dimens= ion to the fight for social justice - no society can exist while destroying= its own organic basis. The two inseperable components - nature and culture= - can be (and are) violently and mechanically separated only by a short-si= ghted, narrow-minded and selfish mentality. Elves have no leader, nor any formal members. We form a web and not a pyram= id. We are a group of individuals, committed to spontaneous non-violent dir= ect action, but also to constructive building of a new, ecologically and so= cially sound culture. We try to instill our eco-anarchist principles into e= verything we do, because we believe revolution is a process! So far we have organised a demonstration against (french) nuclear testing i= n front of the French Embassy in December '95; we presented the issue of ge= netic engineering at Metelkova, a developing social and cultural centre her= e in Ljubljana; we were involved with work on presenting the dangers of nuc= lear energy and getting people to sign a petition, which if succesful, woul= d result in a referendum on premature closure of a nuclear power plant in K= r=B9ko (Slovenia) - unfortunately the whole thing failed miserably. We orga= nised the first Critical Mass action ever in Ljubljana/Slovenia on 8th of A= pril 1996 and another one on 5th of June and in November 1996 we participat= ed at the Hunger Gathering in Rome. We have many plans for the future: we are starting a newsletter, we are set= ting up an info-shop with a reading room, and we are already working on est= ablishing contacts with other similar groups around the world - networking = as a way of defeating isolation, but also as a way of being informed, being= in touch, being friends. This is a short introduction to our group, which we hope gives at least a b= asic insight into what we are about. We are interested in cooperating with = you on issues of mutual interest. If you require any additional information= or would just like to write, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Contact: Skrati Retina Metelkova ulica 6 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia



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