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Thurs, 27 Mar 1997 20.49 GMT

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*I-AFD Group Hamburg I* (i-afd_2@anarch.free.de) ALBANIA REPORT from March the 22., 1997

Italy prepares shipment of humanitarian aid to Albania as foreign minister Dini has given order for the first transport. On Monday, EU will decide upon further shipments and how to protect them. It was said that food supplies in Albania will last another 7 to 10 days.

It was reported that prime minister Fino met with rebel delegates in Tirana to negotiate about a re-opening of the port of Vlore to accept food shipments there. Fino announced that he is only prepared to meet delegates of individual towns in future and not in Tirana, but in the respective home towns. Reports added Fino also was not willing to talk about Berisha's resignation with delegates.

Berisha made an appearance on TV today. Resignation, as was said, still is no topic for him. German news said Berisha still controls Albanian parliament and media. There was no comment, however, on how Berisha's control of Albanian parliament effects measures and decisions taken by the all-parties-government. Fino's unwillingness to discuss Berisha's resignation may be an indication that the new government is not free in its decisions.

Delegates of insurgent towns have reinforced their demand for Berisha's resignation and said as long as Berisha was in office, there was no chance for fair elections. German news showed pictures from a town (its name was not mentioned) where delegates seemed to annouce results of their meeting to the public. Whatever was announced was welcomed by the populace, since they applauded.

German TV interviewed a spokesperson of the insurgents, Albert Shity, who said that delegates will meet again next week for further discussions. The interview shown was very short and basically consisted of this announcement. He was, however, clearly described as spokesperson of the delegates which may be an indication that organization took another step, although there were no further news about that. Despite the announcement last night that the situation was still developping regarding the building of an alternative administration, this topic was not taken up again today.

A European military delegation arrived at Tirana airport today to prepare an airlift for food and medicine.

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