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Hi all

Its that time again! The Anarchist FAQ is now at version 6.0. With hits averaging 50 per day and with over 9 800 hits, it is proving to be a popular anarchist resource. The URL is:


Find out about anarchism, anarchist theory and history and lots of other interesting stuff. And if its anarchist, your favourite website will be in the links page (and more besides!).

So, Whats New in the FAQ?

Section B.3.4 New sub-section. Analysis of the claims that private property, particularly in land, can be justified in terms of self-ownership. Also indicates the authoritarian nature of private property and the way Robert Nozick ignores the liberty of the dispossessed in his attempts to justify appropriation of land. If land ownership cannot be justified, then capitalism is based upon stolen goods.

Section B.7.1 This section on classes is slightly expanded to give details of income mobility within capitalism. Argues that even high income mobility cannot justify a class system and presents evidence that income mobility is moderate at best.

Section F.2.2 New sub-section. Short discussion on why we should reject the right-Libertarian "entitlement theory of justice." The means do not justify the ends, and if the ends involve authoritarian social relationships, inequalities in liberty, wealth and power, even "civilised" slavery, then the theory stinks.

Appendix New appendix on Anarchism and "anarcho"-capitalism. As well as including the old section F.10, this appendix contains new work - a reply to the claim that the Individualist Anarchists were not part of the socialist movement, a discussion on What socialism actually stands for, analysis on whether Proudhon and Tucker were socialists or capitalists, a reply to claims that "anarcho"capitalism is a form of anarchism and a discussion on why anarchism cannot be defined using dictionaries.

As well as new links in the best anarchist links page on the net!

In the near future look out for sections on what do anarchists do, including an introduction to direct action and why anarchists don't vote.

All feedback is gratefully recieved! As will any anarchist webpages URL we have missed.

yours in solidarity


********************************************************* "But liberty insists on Socialism, nevertheless, - true Socialism, Anarchistic Socialism: the prevalance on earth of Liberty, Equality, and Solidarity." - Benjamin Tucker *********************************************************


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