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COVERT BRIEFS. . . by Terry Allen . . . . 4

SPACE PROBE EXPLODES, PLUTONIUM MISSING by Karl Grossman . . . . 6 In November, a Russian probe crashed to Earth along the Bolivia/Chile border. US officials admit they don't have a clue what happened to the deadly plutonium it carried.

PERU'S NEW CONQUISTADORS: PIZARRO'S TOXIC TRAIL by Pratap Chatterjee . . . . 11 Following a centuries-old tradition of exploiting and exporting Peru's mineral wealth, a new group of mining transnationals is despoiling the environment and aggravating the plight of the poor.

GUERRILLA U.: IN THE JUNGLE WITH PERU'S T PAC AMARU by Jeremy Bigwood . . . . 18 Inside a jungle training camp with the guerrilla group that has seized hostages and headlines, the men and women of the MRTA learn history and human rights as well as military skills.

PERU'S JAPANESE CONNECTIONS by Nikolas Kozloff . . . . 23 Japan has ambitious plans for expanding trade with Latin America and is taking advantage of its close ties with Fujimori to make Peru its most important base.

CAPTIVE LABOR: US BUSINESS GOES TO JAIL by Paul Wright. . . . 26 Condemned as slave labor when practiced in China, the use of prison labor in the US is growing as a way for corporations to harness cheap labor and for prisons to turn a profit.

LABOR SLAPS THE SMUG NEW FACE OF UNIONBUSTING by David Bacon. . . . 33 >From goons to PR gurus, from scabs to specialized law
firms, the new unionbusters are coming down hard. Unions are fighting back with new energy and organizing strategies.

PHI BETA CAPITALISM: UNIVERSITIES IN SERVICE TO BUSINESS by Lawrence Soley. . . . 40 Subsidized by tax dollars, corporations are funding research, creating programs, and endowing chairs that serve their business interests. Increasingly academic freedom and ideas are bought and sold on the open market.

Colombia's Gringo Invasion by Frank Smyth and Winifred Tate. . . . 46 US aid and training in Colombia aimed at counternarcotics is consistently used by armed forces, paramilitary groups, and police to bolster Colombia's record as the worst human rights offender in the hemisphere.

LAW ENFORCEMENT AND INTELLIGENCE: THE NEW NATIONAL SECURITY MERGER by Louis Wolf . . . . 50 In the name of national security and with little regard for civil liberties, the FBI and CIA are stepping on each other's toes in the post-Cold War scramble for intelligence.

SUDAN: SOCIAL ENGINEERING, SLAVERY, AND WAR by Alex de Waal . . . . 56 While Western media focus on terrorism abroad and slavery within, Khartoum is quietly implementing a titanic program of forcible social transformation that dwarfs both of these problems.

OFF THE SHELF: BOOKS OF INTEREST by Phillip Smith . . . . 65

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