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Netherlands Issue #22 August-September-October-November-December 1996 3-96

Information bulletin of the international secretariat of the LAS (National Dutch Anarchist Co-operation) Postbus 61523, 2506 AM Den Haag, Nederland, E-mail: Ainfos@DDS.nl URL: http://huizen.dds.nl/~ainfos/

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The chipcard will be for the near future a socalled (more) safe pay system, better than the (giro) bank pay card. But it can be=20 used anywhere and thus is it a mean/tool to make it easier to controll anybody anywhere..F.e. the AirMiles save system=20 (Supermarket Albert Heyn, ABN-AMRO bank, SHELL,V&D) is an enormous databank. It is the Loyalty Management=20 Netherlands. In the 70ies in France developped, it nowadays can be seen as the card which can contain 100x more=20 information. Than there is the Student Card of PTT Telecom, IBM and the Information Trustee Group (for student loans and=20 back paying). Later there alsowill be the Eu SOFI (social fiscal) number. Biometric identification via scanning of your iris in=20 your eye) is 'easier'than undersigning. The British do proofs with 3 chipcards. Of cours these chipcards are not 100% safe as=20 well. The may be hacked. Who controll who how ... Will the 21th century be the century of the newborn baby with a Soul=20 Catcher of 10 terrabyte.

The Postbank and the other banks (the latter together as bank organisation Interpay both will come with a (payment) chipcard.=20 Interpay will provide postbank users with a bank neutral chipcard to prevent that it will be as with pinpass, that there will be=20 again 2 non- interchangeable systems. And official banks or detailler only with admission of the clientmay give private data to=20 thirds (f.e. direct mail organisations). Central Recherche Information service (CRI) is pro civilian service and-better=20 registration. Some polical parties only want that people get such cards on voluntary base. But experiences in France do show=20 something else. A ca 100.000 asylum seekers already got a chipcard with fingerprints, also the workers at the Ministery of=20 Economic Affairs have one. .



Aug.9 :Forthcoming 5 years will see theost of about 2500 jobplaces at social worksupplies/workplaces. Minister Melkert is=20 making stricter definitions about who will/may get a jobplace there. Companies in thsi field provide jobs of simply hwork for ca=20 81.000 physical/psychiatric handicapped people, 18.000 are still on the waitinglist. This all get a state subsidy of 3.5 milliard=20 guilders +170 million annuallyby the local municipality authori ties...

Aug.9 :Number of fraude cases by social benefit receivers is the same in 1995 as in 1994, qbout 40.000. In 1991 it was=20 15.000. The totall er the years is 150.000 cases: is 1.2 milliard guilders for non-justified social benefit payments. Those with a=20 social benefit had in 1994 2% less to spend, for those on pesion it was 1.4%.

Sept.10 :Since 1-1-'96 the new social benefit act is in function. 70% of it is paid by the state,the other 30% by the local=20 authorities (to give them more influence in individual cases). The latter depends on how you live- this also differs from local to=20 local. This 100% benefit is 70% the official minimum salary (this coupling is also valid for 1997). I as over 23 years get the=20 'normal' 1310, guilders monthly, between 18 and 21 one gets 335. Anyone has the right to earn money, but receiving a social=20 benefit means permission to hold only till a maximum of 200/250 guilders of the money you earned. The est goes to the=20 municipality, this is also so with f.e. alimentation payments. Banksavings are allowed up till 900 guilders.

Oct.23 :First report by the association 'Poor Netherlands', about poverty here."A subsidised 'Melkert' job contributes in the=20 breaktrough of social isolation. But it does not contribute in combatting financial poverty. Ca 4-5% lives with an income of=20 social minimum, the above mentioned 70%." Minister Melkert does not agree with the report conclusions.

Nov.21 :Ministery will be more flexible towards extra earnings by individuals Now in the coming Act/proposition only those of=20 over 57.5 years or being single parent with child(ren) of between 5 and 12 years may earn and keep 275 monthly without=20 cuttings- those are also the two groups which do not have to applicate for a job. But the minister is a bit afraid that than there is=20 less distance between them and the minimum salary and thus less/no stimulus to get/accept a job. From 1-1-'97 will the Act of=20 Penalties and Measurements be in action: a more severe sanction policy for those who get wrongly (partly) a social benefit=20 payment.=20



Aug.4 :A co-founder of the Dutch Ku Klux Klan gave inside information about the radicals in CP'86 (headed by the leader of=20 the of the more or less defunct NVU(Netherlands People's Union) Glimmerveen: at the meeting in Schiedam it became=20 obvious that a part of CP'86 soon will radicalise.

Aug.7 :R'dam CP'86 district council member Hageraats as been hold last week for robbery with violence and threatening.=20 Some years ago he was sentenced for a bombattack at a Turkish teahouse. Too R'dam R'dam CP'86 municipality member=20 =46reling has been hold for violence and wealth delicts.

Aug.8 :Municip.of Arnhem does not give permission for a commemory march of neo-nazis on Aug.17. It is the=20 commemoration anniversary of deathday of Rudolf Hess (2nd after A.Hitler till 1941) (RH committed suicide jail in 1987). It=20 was asked for by the German R.Hess committeeby Arnhem citizen C.Kusters- cofounder of the Fundamentalist Workers=20 Party(FAP-NL) and earlier he has been party election candidate nr.1 for CP'86. On flyers by FAP one could read: FAP=20 wants a Great Germany Netherlands without Zionists and Communist.

Aug.16 :CP'86 Freling used a trick to get the secret phone number of R'dam Social Democratic alderman Simons, followed by=20 threat telephoning to Simons. Simons and Lord- mayor Peperwithold them than the right to use their party room in the=20 townhall. For that CP'86 went to the court to question that decision. The trick was done by de Bruyn, ex- girlfriend of=20 CDmember M de Regt (MdR was put aside the party by leader Janmaat). Eralier alderman H.Meyer has been ill-treatened by=20 CP'86 party fraction cooperator Tubergen.

Aug.26 :The election nr.1 candidate for CD in Stein(limburg) SvdBoel has been murdered.

Aug.26 :At the annual commemoration of the 1th World War 'The Yzerbedevaart' in Diksmuide (at the flemish coast) it came=20 to a battle between radicals and even more radical nationalist/fascist organisations forn independent Flandern. Present were=20 extreme rightwing nationalist/fascist organisations as Flemis Block,Voorpost,Were Di,Flemish National Youth as well as from=20 NL the CP'86. Oct.7:The board of NVP/CP'86 has put Rotterdam munic.council member of CP'86 Freling out of the party.,=20 because of outspoken open sumphaty for neonazism. Hoogstra,de Boer and T.Mudde especially were in favor othis act.=20 Mudde: we are for Revolutionary People's Nationals. Freling is for national soacialism from Germany which only leads=20 towards imperial Together with Mordaunt (Den Haag) is Freling looking for 10% of the party members to hold an extra party=20 meeting. In Den Haag fraction assistent T.Mudde was dismissed by chairman Mordaunt. Last week Mordaunt has been put=20 aside out of the national board of the party. It is all about positions/power and who is radical and who moderate.

Nov.23 :In a newspaper article appeared a still incomplete list of extreme rightwing parties; CP'86,CD,=20 NVU,NB,FAP,JF'94,PDA,ABC,RN,BPN,DA N,RC,Charta'87,NRA,HP,ANS,...

Nov.30 :Glimmerveen (age 68) of NVU threatened by phonethe chief editor of the Haagse Courant (local newspaper) and at=20 a neo-nazi meeting he came with plansfor death ideas. The Netherlands Union of Journalists put that to court. The same sort of=20 words were adressed to Green Left party member Singh Varma. Parliamentary CD member Zonneveld does understand=20 Glimmerveen,he said.

Dec.4 :R'dam CP'86 munic. council member Hageraats got 15 months prison for robbery and ill-treatenin,two other extreme=20 rightwing party persons got 21 and 24 months jail.

Dec.16 :Last saturday police of Arnhem arrested 12 extreme reghtists who wanted to demonstrate again the taking place of=20 child abuse by 'pedophyles'. The demo was forbidden a day before. Amongst the participantswas Glimmerveen.

Dec.19 :CDparty gets less money (state subsidy) for their scientific ideology party buro 'The Thomas Hobbes foundation' by=20 the ministery of Interior Affairs.

Dec.24 :CD leader Janmaat got fines of 3000,-. guilders or 40 days for inciting to hatred and discrimination of 'foreign' people=20 via their TV program in 1989/1990/1991. The CDboard has to pay 5000,-.


Squatting and some evictions/clearings took place in f.e.:=20 Arnhem,Nijmegen,Leiden,Leeuwarden,Groningen,Amsterdam,Tilburg,Den Bosch,Utrecht.=20

Social Benefit normal payment for 23 and older persons: living alone 939.23 +375.69 (latter as allowance from local=20 authorities). single parents 1314.92+max.allowance of 375.69. living together get 1878.46 but no allowance.

=46or workers from 23 years and older is the minimum salary case of total job engagement per month bruto 2220.40 and netto=20 1695,when 22 netto 1483, 21 1299,and begin 15 years 668. All this without holiday payment. Children's allowance per 3=20 month for children born before oct.2-1994: 1 child(from 5 years 299.50 ,6-11 427.86 , 12-17 556.22, max.6 years 426.53=20 ,etc).

Aug.1 :demo of about 60p in front of Indonesian embassy in favor of democratic forces in Indonesia (f.e.the daughter of=20 ex-president Sukarno); many demonstrators were Moluccans.

Aug.3 :About 80 out of 100.000 persons are annually in prison, in '79 it was 25.

Aug.4 :Homofestival in Amsterdam, called Homopride with amongst others 70 boats in a row throughthe canals.

Aug.11 :Action in R'dam against too much cartraffic, some 30 participants on bycycles.

Aug.13 :The Service Union of FNV and Industrial Union of FNV which as first two want to fuse, do than have 346.000=20 members, a plan for 1-1-'98.

Aug.14 :Demo with about 100p against possible expulsion of the many years with family here living as refugee=20 'rebel'(communist) leader Sison from Philipines. Expulsion is based on an agreement been Philipines and NL, to guarant the=20 Sison family no problems with returning in their homeland.

Aug.16 :Some municip.'s in the province of Friesland (with the frisian language in most places)(where exist=20 bilinguality:NLFrisian) in some areas do not have the Frisian as the main language.And they say they never have been consulted=20 about their situations.

Aug.22 :Again workers have discovered small parts of the El-Al Boeing that rashed into flats of the Amsterdam Bijlmer suburb=20 causing many deaths. The research and documentation centre LAKA in Amsterdam keeps saying that that cargoplane=20 contained nucleair material. Of the 390 kg poor uranium in the plane still 227 kg is not yet found.

Aug.23 :The government will spend 3 milliard guilders to combat queuening on motorways, a minor part goes to public=20 transport innovation.

Sept.2 :Munic. of Amsterdam may differ in individual cases about work conditions policy. There was a courtcase by the=20 concerned union and general union of munic.workers against the municip. about the position of the temporary new GVB (local=20 public transport company) director to help and clean that company(cy). Unions say he is civil servant/officialand must be paid=20 conform such. Usually a director gets 200.000guilders annually. This temporary one, hired via a specially limited liability=20 company(llc), will get 350.000 from the local authorities. Unions talk about possibility of 'war'. GVB has a debt of 150 million=20 and ca 400 jobsplaces have to go.

Sept.4 :The Construction and Wood Union of FNV(166.000 members) does not take part in the fusion with Service (95.000)=20 ,Industry(250.000) ,Transport 5.000) and Nutrition(60.000) unions. They will on 1-1-'98 form together one union with about=20 500.000 members. Together more power?

Sept.5 :Munic.administrations and offices for aliens took about 12000 'foreigners' out of their registration. First results of their=20 coupling of datas Most of them were officially not in NL or dead or dubble registrated(sometimes because of wrong name=20 spelling..Still another 30.000 have to be checked about how and where they exist. It is all part of the discutable coupling=20 Act(:who will use that Act for what).

Sept.19 :'Coffeeshops'got a new rule by decision of College of Attorney-Generals. From Oct- 1-'96: in stock max. of=20 500gram softdrugs. No minors (under 18) may enter the shop , no advertising, no hraddrugssale, no sale of arge quantities, no=20 annoyance. Cultivation of socalled 'lowland weet' is forbidden when it is for business, priority for tracing of industrial=20 cultivation. Max.fine=3D for cultivation over 1000 plants=3D 2 years and 25.000 guilders. Drugscouriers nr.508 this year already=20 caught, at Schiphol airport.

Sept.24 :Children of illegal persons may go to school till their 18th and or finish the school/study. In acute cases they may use=20 medical care f.e. pregnancy,infection illness, and hospital doctors. =46or that the state only gives 11 millionguilders. They may=20 apply for legal aid.These are the 3 exceptions added to the new act concerning aliens/certain foreigners as being illegals.

Sept.25 :A group of students did occupy an office of the conservative liberal rty (VVD) in Den Haag in protest against=20 modernisation of the universitarian board structure which will cause a nil effect in saying/participation in univ.boards. Earlier that=20 day about 20 students did so in Amsterdam with the office of the social democratic party (PvdA). Here the police got order=20 and did put them out of the building, after about one hour.

Sept.27 :Germany stopped the sale of 50 LeopardI tanks from NL to Botswana (because of military trouble in that area).=20 Now the Dutch government is far ahead with short termin sale of a hundred non-necessary Leopard II tanks to Austria (where=20 seems to be no tension with neighbours). We will keep another 300 tanks Leopard II which will be modernised.

Oct.1 :Unipath(Unilever dauhter) comes with a new anti-conception preparat that gives signals: is it green than it is safe to have=20 sex, by red danger or thususe of condom. It is an urine test of hormon fluctuations. It 'shows' stadium of cyclus via increaseof=20 estradiol hormon. But better not to be used by young women or in instable relationships. Name is: Persona. Test were done in=20 GB, Ireland and Germany amongst 1200 women and showed a reliability of 95%, pill is 99%. Problem is behaviour of the=20 man. In case he still wants to go through the red light... That is obvious: it is often that a male is doing such things against the=20 will of the faemale.

Oct.1 :German Customs hindered the deliverance of large quantities of basic material for XTC tablet production(500 kg=20 PMK).

Oct.3 :A jointure of consumers ,animal care and milieu organisations did an appeal to strive for that in NL in 2005 10% of=20 agrarian area must contain biological agriculture, that is 9.4% more than now. Oct.3:All parliamentarian parties ,except Green=20 Left ,agreed with Couplings Act, the coupling of data (to discover more about f.e. illegal people here in NL).

Oct.4 :The nucleair power station 'Dodewaard' will be closed in March'97 and end production of electricity It is a decision of=20 SEP(Cooperating Electricity Production Industries).D is a test reactor for research to nucleair physic processes, partly it had a=20 role as such for safer centrals in USA. It is power was only 58 mW. So from March'97 onwards no new such material goes=20 into that factory, than 3 year for preparation for permissiondocuments, than to put the whole into 'dead end' and than 4 year=20 for demolition. The reactor+ fencewill remain another 40 years for waning of radiation and than follows total destruction.=20 D.was put into function in 1969.

Oct.4 :Based on some parts of Bible said bishop Muyskens of Breda in a TVprogram that the poor may steal (bread) and he=20 understands that some with social benefit payment do illegal work to get extra work, as such critisised especially the=20 governmental parties PvdA,D'66,VVD and the Christian Democrats (CDA). It caused surprise in some conservative circles in=20 church and politic.

Oct.7 :The USA company Paccar is taking over DAF Trucks.

Oct.11 : Today the Nobel-prize for Peace '96 has been awarded to the forfighters of selfdetermination of East Timor, Roman=20 Catholic Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Bela and international spokesman for the East Timor case Ramos Horta (the latter=20 should have been Fretilin leader Xanana Gusmao but he is in Indonesion prison. Indonesion authorities have been very=20 surprised.

Oct.11 :Burocrats who traced illegals in NL being persons, do not have the duty to report such at the alien office. This was=20 about questions in parliament about the Couplings Act. From Jan.-Aug.'96 34.164 'foreigners'/aliens have been put out of the=20 country, 13.367 of them by force, 11.407 under supervision. In 1995 in total 40.024 persons had been expulsed.

Oct.16 :First,small, union of newspapers deliverers .Contemporary payment is 4 or 5 cents per paper. The founders say: it is=20 too low, it has to become 0.60 cent.

Oct.16 :Thousands of people from Iraq and Iran reached in the last 4 a 5 year USA and Canada with a.o. falsified Dutch 'new'=20 passports. The recently renewedpassport version is easy and professional on large scale falsified. And this after the 3rd effort=20 to produce a safe psport, in 10 years it caused the stepback of government persons.

Oct.23 :Unilever said it will import and use biotechnological soya. NL import of soya is 4 million ton, 1/2 is from USA. In NL=20 the potatoes production too evolves into biotechnological production.

Oct.23 :Governmental parties accept that coming years CO2 will ( nearly) not decrease. Since 1989 it should have been=20 decreased by 3% in 2000, in 2020 to have only 40% of the CO. Oct.19: Sex and Youth. In 1995 42% of sexual active=20 school going youth used a condom, six years ago it was 41 %. In 1990 54% used the preservative pill, in 1995 63%. It was a=20 research amongst 7000 school youth frm 12 until 19 of age at 81 schools.. During the first sex contact in 1990 58%, in 1995=20 70% used a condom. Becoming older they go over to the pill. AIDS/HIV information has not that super effect, because more=20 than elsewhere girls do use a ill.

Oct.24 :New Philips president Boonstra will use 1 milliard guilders for reorganisation after the strong decrease in profit.=20 Oct.24:An ex-RAF(Red Army Fraction- german marxist guerillo group) member Lutz Buhr went in House of Detention in=20 Scheveningen (he came in 1991 into NL to escape the probably more severe prisonfine for haschisch smuggling- 900 gram in=20 Germany) in hunger and thirst strike action for he said he does not get the necessary medicines. Buhr does not want to be=20 handed over to Germany but than he still can try other legal procedures. Buhr hates Germany because of World War II. He=20 lived here illegal and earned money by making street music; june'96 he was hold in a by him squatted house of the Swiss=20 embassy.

Oct.29 :Some human right activist and symphatisers of Partai Demokrasi Indonesia did yesterday a fast of 24 hours in support=20 and for freeingworkers union leader Pakpahan.

Oct.31 :Ca 300 students of middle professional education (total ca 300.000 students) demonstrated against the plan of cuts in=20 their scholarships by Minister of Education J.Ritzen. In 1997 total education cuts will be 12 million, 2000 124 million guilders.=20 Earlier today 400 students protested at Ministerium of Education in Zoetermeer.

Nov.2 :Governmnt reached an agreement about the southern airport Beek (Maastricht- Aachen). A new east-west runway,=20 with only no flights in real night (oo.30-05.30), to 'improve' the position/succes of the airport. It would create 3300 jobsplaces,=20 said the minister-president. Such is more important than milieu.

Nov.5 :KLM ('National' Airline Company) again will put strong cuts of about 1.5 milliard guilders.

Nov.9 :The calvinist, reformed and lutherian churches are against equality of other life relationships compared with male/female=20 marriage. The total synode meeting did not acceptsuch a proposition. The proposition came from a west-frisian clergyman=20 member of work alliance of homo theologists, got support of 62 out of 179 synode members.. The protestant church can not=20 'make' a church marriage. In the remonstrant church is alreay 10 years an homo life agreement possible.

Nov.11 :Minister of People's Health mrs. Borst has to take out of roulation one of the 4 posters of the national campaign=20 against alcohol abuse. This under pressure of the french embassy in NL. He had been irritated about the text 'Champagne Brut'=20 above a crying women. The Dutch Teetollar Union takes in consideration the fanatic reaction towards the Dutch Drugs Policy.=20 =46rench Governmental Hypocrisy.

Nov.12 :A trade union wants rapid measurements about the growth of the illness RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), a name for=20 physical problems by repetitive burdening movings at the jobplace. Through computerwork f.e. ball of thumb problems.

Nov.12 :At Cargill company arrives already more than 10 days transgene (genetic manipulated soya)from the USA. On nov.2=20 the first 10.000 ton arrived per ship. About 1 or 2% of the USA soya harvest has been manipulated with a gen from a soil=20 bactery to improve the use of the herbicide Round Up. The soya is usually mixed with 'normal' soya, so it is not easy to=20 controll and to mention such on products for consumers.

Nov.19 :First load of 'Max Havelaar' bananes arrived In Rotterdam harbour under trade name OKE (the company is social=20 responsible a ecological frinedly way produced and directly bought from the cultivators. They have a majority share in the=20 special therefore new company Agrofair. Bananescome from Ecuador and Ghana.

Nov.21 :Over 1000 taxi (drivers) in protest on the entry motorway of Den Haag against minister who wants more possibilities=20 for 'dishonest' competion. The National Taxi Organisation is not yet in favor of protests.

Nov.19-23 :Probably a railway strike on nov.25; it had been decided by the largest union at NS(Netherlands Railways)=20 company ,FSV. The goal is to stop the plan for a 36hour laborweek for 11.000 workers. The 36 hour came from the CBA=20 for all 27.000 workers of begin'96. Less hours to save jobplaces +4.25% salaryincrease within 2 years.

Nov.23 :NS tries to reopen deliberations. It all ended with an unhappy agreement.

Nov.26 :Telephone tapping by companies themselves is only owed if it is concerning the by the telphone answering of clients.=20 The Registration Chamber did controll complaints of workers at Postbank and ECI

Nov.28 :The Interior Security Service ('Secret Police') gets a new name: General Information and Security Service. It goes=20 togetherwith new rules about telephone tapping, listening, opening of letters, checking of certain places.

Dec.2 :Teenager pregnancy. In 1985 14 out of 1000 girls between 15 and 19 year. In 1995 10 out of 1000 of such girls.(total=20 of 5000 cases, of which 2100 ended with abortion). In general about 85% of that youth uses at first sex contact pill or=20 condom. Antillian and Surinam Dutch people here do less u the anti-conceptional material. Is acceptance of non- planned=20 pregnancy larger amongst them? Amongst Turkish and Morrocan females here only pregnancy seems to be planned as to get=20 children still is to be seen as prestige and prosperity.

Dec.9 :700 of the special police did raids at 70 places in and outside NL to arrestpeople of the (former) Delta=20 organisatiowhich at least 'important' 200.000 kg haschisch. An police informant became good involved and became good=20 involved and became rich without giving satisfaction to the police.

Dec.9 :Yesterday was the last broadcast day of the short live of Sport7 TV Channel. Now again start the talks about who will=20 get which rights to broadcast total and parts of live footbal games on TV (f.e. NOS,Filmnet, HMG/Veronica, SBS, take part).=20 Dec.10 HST/HSL/TGV. The trace for the Super Fast Train' has now been decided as the PvdA party changed its towards=20 government decision to go with a tunnel through the socalled 'Green Heart' of Holland, and not alongside the motorway from=20 Belgium via Breda, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Schiphol to Amsterdam. The HST traject now decided for from Breda via=20 Rotterdam direct to Schiphol will cost at least 8 milliard guilders.

Dec.11 :The Transport Workers of FL/CIO in USA accused the Schiphol/USA company in USA of being racist. Skycaps=20 who work for JFKennedy airport in New Yorare nearly all black and not sure about keeping their jobs of the now under=20 construction being special terminal at JFKennedy-Schiphol/USA is, 'doing' this job of construction work of 1.1 milliard dollar,=20 the daughter of Schiphol Management Services, international division of Amsterdam Airport BV.

Dec.12 :300 kg cocaine discovered during border controll south of Breda ;it ce from Panama to Rotterdam by ship and than=20 to Antwerp (Belgium). The hypocrisy of the french governmentis that most of that drugs come from Morocco via Spain and=20 =46rance to NL. So, where is than overthere the controll?=20

Dec.13 :Milieu Defence activitsts blocked the entrance to UNIMILLS as protest against realisation of genetic manipulated=20 soyabeans. Now European Consumers Organisations start action against genetic mais from USA. Most of that mais is already=20 going to cattle- fodder. The new mais has been developped by CIBA-GEIGY. That mais produces self a natural poison which=20 stops inss from eating the maisplant. And so too Glutosinat (a herbici de) does not work anymore caused by an antibioticum=20 resistency through a bactery.

Dec.14 :Nowhere in regio Den Haag the idea of a townprovince (extension of in this case Den Haag) with surrounding=20 municipalities gets more than 30%. support.

Dec.17 :Scientology 'Church' Amsterdam have put a complaint at the police about a program on TV about the Scientology=20 Church (Founder Ron Hubbard;Dianetics), mainly with the campaign of some German authorities against that SC. SC stated it=20 is inciting, and such is not permitted according to the Code of Law of Criminal Law.

Dec.18 :Illegal Chine people here ask attention; these people from mainland China. Here they do not get a stay permission and=20 the chinese government do not let them back in. Most of them came here after the protests/demonstrations in 1989, mainly in=20 Bejing/Peking. There are about 800 persons here. Without stay permission they are not allowed to get a paid job and have no=20 rights for a social benefit payment.


BELGIUM;DUTCH speaking part ;info from the @-monthly paper 'NAR'

July-August nr 118-119 :About squatting in Gent, autocar rally protest in Ieper, a man about the women and her liberty,=20 libertairian poetry in Leuven, meetings of AEG and ABC in Gent, Big Brother and the new technology, and info about=20 concerts.

September nr 120 :In July came the squ and libertairian idea of 'Vogelvrij stad/Outlawed city in Antwerp into reality

Aug.26 :clearing of that huge squatdead of a girl due to drug use, actionsday against local government in Antwerp, about trade unions=20 in Guatemala, reaction by a woman on:the women and her liberty, actions against AFCEA (milit.weapon exhibition),LETS=20 Antwerp.

October nr 121 :About the set-up of ABC Gent,about drug use,about the hunger-summit in Rome,about cyclists action day on=20 aug.30 due to the death of a cyclist, blockade of a new McDonald in Gent, the 10 years 'as was their fine' in prison for the 4=20 CCC'members' since 1985 is enough, anti-specicism and feminism(reaction on:women and her liberty), ABC meeting in=20 Leuven, meetings about social financial security/social benefit payment,Food Not Bombs info evening in Leuven, International=20 Earth Night actions.

November nr 122 :Nov.16 demo in Brussel for legalisatn of cannabis, repression via article 406, about cracks in the=20 neo-liberal consensus, report of the continental ming 'for humanity and against neo- liberalism' aug.96 in Chiapas by a visitor.=20


Some anarchistic adresses in Belgium:

Anarch. Info Aalst(AIA), Honegemstraat 56, 9420 Erpe-Mere. AKA (Anarch. Collective Antwerp)Belgie lei 5/bus 5, 2000 Antwerp. AEG (Anarch.Econom.Community),Sparrestraat 1a, 9000 Ge. Autonom. Schelde rats-squat, postbox 35 ,9000 Gent (no name on envelop). Anarch. Info centre, Annonciadenstraat 16, 9000 Gent. Black Adder (Distrib.),pb 27, 9000 Gent (no name on envelop). Mba-Kajere (irregular periodical), Ooievaarstraat 46, 9000 Gent. NAR (monthly anarch.paper) pb 104, 1210 Brussel 21. Perspective (Anarch. quarterly mag.) Dracenastraat 21, 9000 Gent. PINO infocentre, Meierstraat 5, 3000 Leuven. VerZ (Quarterly on social ecology/situationism/etc),Plattelostraat 47, 3010 Kessel-lo. Zwart en Rood Black and Red@ book distrib.), pb 86, 9000 Gent. Avantage/Tegenstroom (info action centre), Parkstraat 14, 3000 Leuven. Alternative Libertaire (@ monthly in french language),2 rue de l'inquisition,1040 Bruxelles. Centre Libertaire, 65 Rue du Midi, 1000 Bruxelles. Init.CNT/NCA (pro @-syndicalism), bp 64, 1000 Bruxelles.


@lternative info=20

=46rom aug.1 squat cafe evenings :Jodenbreestraat 150, Amsterdam, nearby the radical leftist bookshop Fort van Sjakoo,=20 Jodenbreestraat 24, afternoons. Green Front, NL branch of Earth First, pb. 85069, 3508 ab Utecht.

Aug.11:first Rotterdam bycycle anti car demonstration. Such every 2nd Sunday.

Aug.20 :annual commemoration day of death by white killing of Antillian 15 year boy Kerwin (20-8-'83).

Aug.24 :Action by 15 persons in favor of total army refuser Leon Wegchelaer at Bijlmer- prison.efore the sway action there=20 was some trouble with police at the wall.

Aug.26 :Growing tension partly because ongoing juridical struggle about position of the Amsterdam squat 'Villa Omval'.

Aug.26 :Following a court decision the British Alan Reeve , since many years here in NL hidding himself against expulsionfor=20 murder he committed at his 15th.. The highest court,State Council also said: expulsion. He is afraid for he more rigid british=20 prison system. Official it is unknown where he is.

Aug.30 :Last friday of the month in some towns anti car demo's. ince first friday of august regular monthly bycycle anti car=20 protests in Amsterdam.

Aug.21 :3rd wednesday bycycle protests against cars in Nijmegen. Sept: ongoing debates in and around socalled 'Free=20 Schools', meant are the anthroposophic/Steiner schools. About anthroposophy, Steiner and racist ideas, in their ideology.

Sept.3 :Primary talks of AFA (Anti Fascist Action) and NBK (Netherland Confess Color with representants of Ministery of=20 Internal Affairs to see what both can do against extreme rightwing /fascist/neo nazy groups/ political parties.

Sept.4: Green Front occupies construction cranes in Amsterdam East. Cranes were/are there for laying out of the Panama=20 bridges apart of the connections of the A-10 with Amsterdam Centre (such also took place on june 21-'96).

Sept.4 :Amsterdam municip. council decided in favor of town expansion into Y-lake,already called Y-burg/borough for about=20 20.000 citizens. Even the largest but moderate 'Nature Monuments' organisation (with 800.000 members) came into=20 action:they want a referendum.

Sept.5 :Presentation in the IISG/IISH (internat. institute of social history) f the book 'The Italian Complex' of (ex?) anarchist=20 T.Welschen, about parties and movements in Italia between '70 and '90.

Sept.7-8 :North Sea Punk music festival in squat 'Blauwe Aanslag and elsewhere in Den Haag.

Sept.7 :Noisy acts at manifestation for the presentatiof the translated publicatoin of Unabomber Manifest in=20 Vondelpark/Amsterdam.

Sept.7 :Small protest in Rotterdam harbour against navy ships during World Harbour Days.

Sept :To stop information about/from f.e. the German periodical 'Radikal' is impossible. The German authorities tried such, but=20 than they have to try to close down all the providers. Info: http://www.xs4all.nl/tank/radikal

Sept.10 :Solidarity manifestation for Erik and Frank (of RAT/AJF). They did some attacks on meat=20 companies/transportcars,and are in prison.

Sept.10-15 :Radical art festival 'Crossing Borders' in Den Haag.

Sept.13 :In protest against city trafficdevelopments some 30 cyclists pedalled into the courtroom on bycycle in Amsterdam,=20 shouting 'Till on the barricades'. Some of the participants are old enough to remember the struggle against subway and=20 motorway (the latter had been cancelled) in end 60ies.

Sept.14 :Benefit in Terneuzen for the damage doneo action paper 'Ravage' by police; later in other places as well.

Sept.14 :First bycyclists protest in Haarlem.

Sept.14: Foundation of the National Platform against Nucleair Energy and its future plans, in Utrecht. Sept.:Infogroup 'Phoenix'=20 in Rotterdam has a new adress: pb 25253, 3001 hg Rotterdam, tel is still the same:010-4678822.

Sept.23 :First of a serial of meetings in Amsterdam ,organised by Jobless Interest Union Amsterdam (WBVA), the Social Aid=20 Union and Workgroup Social Benefit Receivers Haarlem. Goal is to gather informations and individuals and groups for=20 organising plans against application obligation and the repression against jobless people by official authorities and some political=20 parties and unions.

Sept.24 :Frank and Erik got 3 years both for their anti-meat industry actions.

Sept.25 :Tree planting action at location of construction of Panama bridges in Amsterdam, done by Green Front, ending in a=20 street feast.

Sept.25 :Debat in squatt 'Blauwe Aanag' in Den Haag about the 'destruction' of city centre by construction plans for circular=20 centre road tramtunnel, parking garages.

Sept.20 : In Eindhoven in squatt 'Autonom Centre 2B, the cultural manifestation 'Minsk Invasion' with guests from Biele/White=20 Russia. That squatt in Dommelstraat 2b is still not cleared by the police/authorities.

Sept. :A researcher at Erasmus University Rotterdam did research for influence of female sex hormons on the sexual=20 preference of males. Thereto she used rats. Rats became agressive towards male and female rats after being injected with=20 female hormons. Later the animals got a brain research. She wanted to show the difference been homo and hetero sexual=20 males...

Sept. :Many army refusers are still waiting for a court decision about their position, taking in consideration the government=20 decision to end per 1-1-'96 the army obligation for civilians.VD (Union for Army Refusers) did a request for a general pardon=20 to the queen. But no.

Sept.28 :A benefit for McLibel (the court case in London against activists who years ago did publish and act with very=20 negative informations about McDonalds.

Oct.1 :Torch demonstration in Amstardam against the repression in Indonesia since '65.

Oct. :Actions against the NIKE sportshoes: production of that shoes in Indonesia under bad social economic circumstances.=20 Oct.:ongoing court juridical activities around squat Hotel Bosch in Arnhem by speculant owner Leutscher and inhabitants of=20 Hotel Bosch.

Oct.11-14 :Actions at airforce base Volkel /Eindhoven, as protest against conflicts by NL NATO Airforce flights above heads=20 of Innu people in Eastern Canada. Oct.12:Free Thinkers in Rotterdam. Study about atheism, because of 140 years of Free=20 Thought 'movement'.

Okt.14 :Manifestation/debat in Rotterdam about repression in Indonesia.

Oct.18 :Esperanto weekend for youth esperantists in Nijmegen.

Oct.16 :Local actions against McDonalds, some are done by ELF.

Oct.24 :Sort of occupation of airforce base Volkel against still stationed nucleair weapons on that base and the NL NATO=20 task.

Oct.27 :Balloons action day, organised by Milieu Defence, against growth of Schiphol/Amsterdam airport.

Oct.27 :A few thousand people were present at the manif/demo against Airport Schiphol in the central hall of the airport to=20 give the balloons its freedom.

Nov.2 :'feast' near the nucleair Power Station Dodewaard because of its proposed soon end.

Nov.6 :In Haarlem meeting against job application obligation when getting social benefit payment.

Nov.6 :Blockade of RDM (Dockyard Rotterdam) against coming deliverance of submarine ships to Indonesia.

Nov.6-10 :Festival of films/videos on Spanish Civil War/Revolution, in filmhouse Cavia in Amsterdam. Films f.e.:Land and=20 =46reedom,Spanish Earth, Las bicicletas sono para el verano, The future of 1936,Las Libertarias.

Nov.8 :The great Zebra Action against cars in Amsterdam. Some hundred people blockaded through continious occupying=20 and walking on zebra paths (white lines on street as crossing place for pedestrians) especially at the busy area of National=20 Museum for hours, has been organised by Youth Milieu Active (JMA).

Nov.10 :In Den Haag a small manifestation at Nigerian embassy because of the Ogoni- people's deliberation (with Green=20 Peace, Milieu Defence,A SEED, Pax Christie) one year after death penalty execution in Nigeria on Ken Saro-Wiwa and=20 others.

Nov.15 :In Amsterdam a pro-'Nicaragua' meeting because of the elections there.

Nov.15 :Discussion about the possible roadwidening, especially the corner there where the squatt Blauwe Aanslag is.=20 Reconstruction/Innovation of the building will very sure destroy the originaty of 16 years of a squatt. It is a municipallity plan of=20 ca 10 years ago to construct a circular centre road in Den Haag.

Nov. 16 :Feast in squattcafe 'Brullend Breekyzer'(Roaring Crowbar), due to 17 years of existence.

Nov.16: In Amsterdam bookpresentation of Unabomber Manifest in Dutch, +discussion +music.

Nov.20 :First anti cars demo by cyclists in Nijmegen, will be continued on 3rd wednesdays.

Nov.22 :In Amsterdam debat referring to the ( ex?) feminist-anarchiste M.Huijer who published her dissertation in book , an=20 anarchistic orientated philosophy as medical doctor. 'The art to live normally; aids and the existence ethics of Foucault' in=20 Dutch language.

Nov.22 :In Utrecht the presentation of the booklet 'Free Job' (nine persons being interviewed talked about their motivations=20 for being conscious jobless).

Nov.23 :In Amsterdam discusiion about foreigners detention policy of authorities.

Nov.23 :In Rotterdam 'feast' referring to the International Day AgainstViolence against Women.

Nov.25-26 :Night, in Almelo, paintbombs against the townhall, because of plan of municipality of Almelo to restart use of=20 herbicide 'Round Up, claimed by RAF (Revolutionary Almelo Front) and RAAF (Revol.Anarch.Workers Front), till now an=20 unknown anarchist initiative.

Nov.27 :In Utrecht meeting against application obligation by a platform.

Nov.28 :In Utrecht an open LETS information day.

Nov. :In Deventer strated an anti car bycyclists action initiative.

Dec.2 :In Tilburg, watch manif against detention of refugees at such a place.

Dec.5: In Heerlen, a peace watch manif concerning refugees in prison.

Dec.6 :In Amsterdam, an East Timor Free information evening.

Dec.6 :In Amsterdam, women picket line in solidarity with female refugees.

Dec.6 :In Den Haag, a pro-contra discussion on theosophy an its racist tendencies.

Dec.6 :In Sittard, bookpresentation, with music by/of Trespassers Trips (Cor Gout).

Dec.7 :In Amsterdam, manif against espulsion of Philipine ex-communist leader and his family Sison, who are here as refugees.

Dec.7 :The squatt in Ellecom hold a witchcraft night- 5 years of that squatt Witch kettle.

Dec.8 :At many places Kristallnacht commemoration manifestations.

Dec.8 :19th Fair of small publishers in Paradiso Amsterdam.

Dec.8 :In Den Bosch, a debat about poverty inNL.

Dec.10 :International Day ofuman Rights. At various places manifestations.

Dec.11 :In Den Haag in front of parliament a manif against deportations of refugees.. Most participants were 'foreigners'.

Dec.13 :In Den Haag in squatt Blauwe Aanslag a presentation of a special book made by themselves about 16 years BA.=20 Book wrappers are two small wood shelvesfrom the original shelves when it was a Tax Office.

Dec.14 :In Groningen, a manifestation in support of refugees.

Dec.15 :In Ter Apel, the north eastern border prison hotel for asylum seekers (gone through all procedures), a watch manif.

Dec.17-21 :In Leeuwarden, Utrecht,Amsterdam, manifs with video about 69 days hungerstrike in Turkye by activists.

Dec.21 :Alphen a/d Rijn, there was a manif/demonstration at prison for illegals against their detention and possible expulsion.

Dec.22 :In Amsterdam, the film 'The City Was Ours', for some squatters as it illustrates of course) a part of that movement in=20 Amsterdam, esp. of begin 80ies, rather discutable.

Dec.21-23 :Utrecht and Amsterdam, meetings with one of the McLibel 2 about the ongoing monstrous proces against them by=20 McDonald.

Dec.24 :Krommenie, manifestation against racism and xenophobia.

Dec.27-29 :In Utrecht, Dwars (libertairian? youth of the Green Left party) hold their congress. Themes were McLibel,=20 neo-liberalism.=20


Datas labelled as ANARCHISTIC

Aug.4 :Free Socialist Amsterdam (FSA): meeting about Commune of Paris 1871. Aug.18 :General LAS meeting, in Utrecht. Aug.23 :Meeting of Vrije Bond periodical 'Buiten de Orde' in Utrecht. Sept.1 :FSA: meeting with Roger Jacobs(Belgium) about social ecology and Bookchin. Sept.13 :Free Thinkers Rotterdam:the A.Constandse 'lecture'. Sept.15 :general LAS meeting in Utrecht. Sept.18 :Meeting of 'Buiten de Orde'. in Tilburg. Oct.6 :FSA: meeting about B.Damme by S.Thissen. Oct.13 :Free Thinkers Alkmaar: lecture about libertairian/alternatives in rep.Yugoslavia. Oct.13 :afternoon:General Vrije Bond ,in Alkmaar. Oct.19 :Anarchist Book fair in London (GB). Oct.20 :General LAS meeting, in Utrecht. Nov.3 :FSA: meeting/lecture by D.Gevers about feminist/libertairian jounalist Severine (Caroline Remy 1855-1929), friend of=20 Jules Valles. Dec.6 :Meeting of Buiten de Orde in Utrecht. Dec.14 :Meeting with lectures about the person of F.Domela Nieuwenhuis in the IISG/IISH (Internat. Instit. of Social History)=20 in Amsterdam. Dec.15:General LAS meeting, in Utrecht (always in the meeting room of the VAKgroup). Dec.22 :Free Thinkers Den Haag:about Domela Nieuwenhuis as anti-militarist.


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