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Mon, 24 Mar 1997 12:56:16 GMT

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The Swedish nazi movement

The following is a short report from the swedish Antifascistisk Aktion-Sthlm (Antifascist Action in Stockholm) concerning the nazi-scene and the extreme right in Sweden.

The parliamentary scene The Swedish fascist scene is divided, as in many other countrys, into two= sub groups: the parliamentary wing and the militant extra-parliamentary wing.= After the failure of the lefty during the 1980's and a general political swing towards neoliberalism and conservatism, the fascist party "Sverigedemokraterna" (The Sweden Democrats) was formed by older fascist activists.

Sverigedemokraterna tried to copy the concept of the german Republicans, the English National Front and the French Front Nationale. But they never= reached the same level of succes, largely due to bad organizing skills, inner splits and the effective campaigniing of antifascists which smashed public meetings and made Sverigedemokraterna dependent upon nazi skinheads for providing "security" at meetings. After each election, their inner organisation collapsed, and their militants left the organisation to join arms with more extreme groups. After the last national general election in the autumn 1994, in which Sverigedemokraterna received= 14 000 votes, their leader resigned and a oppositional fraction formed Hembygdspartiet (The "Heimat" or "homestead" party).=20

Since then, Sverigedemokraterna have been unableed to reorganise effectivly= and their latest attempt at a demonstration gathered only 50 supporters! The= next national general elections will be held in the autumn of 1998, and there are signs that the small, extrem rightwing parties will attempt to form an= election coalition.=20

The nazimovement As the extreme rightwing parliamentry movement has collapsed during the last couple of years, the militant nazi movement has been on a rise. Since the mioddle of the 1980's, the Swedish nazi scene has survived mainly been a subculture; within the so called "white power" music scene. The scene began= to take form in 1987 as "Rock Against Communism," inspired and economicaly supported by Ian Stuart Donaldssons Brittish Blood & Honour. The music scene had an big boost when the band Swedish band "Ultima Thule" topped the= Swedish music charts in 1993. Ultima Thule had removed typical nazi symbols and sang instead of vikings, former Swedish kings and other "national symbols".= Ultima Thules success pumped new energy into the Swedish nazi music scene and new bands and record companies were started. Every month, one or two nazi= concerts were held in different parts of Sweden. These secret nazi gigs, in= comparison to public marches and demonstrations, were much harder for the antifascist movement to stop. In 1994 the white power music magazine, or "skinzine,"= Blood & Honour, was founded, and after the year afterwards it expanded and changed its namn to Nordland (Northland), namned after a volunteer Swedish military company which fought alongside with the nazis in the Third Reich. Nordland= has also started a record company, 88 Musik (88=3DHeil Hitler Music). The= magazine and record company are run the following individuals; Torulf Magnusson och Matti Sundqvist in the town of Link=F6ping, Per-Anders "Pajen" Johansson in Gothenburg and the mysterious "Peter Andersson" in Stockholm. Nordland is closely connected to the leading American nazi music magazine, Resistance,= and they press all their records in the USA. There is another nazi record company that operates alongside Nordland/88 Musik. Ragnarock Records, was founded in the city of Helsingborg in the very southern portion of Sweden. Ragnarock Records was formed by the older nazis Erik Bl=FCcher and the now dismissed Lars-Magnus Westrup. Ragnarock Records is closely connected to the Danish NS88 and the English ISD Records or the Brittish Blood & Honour, run= by Combat-18. The two nazi record companys Nordland and Ragnarock Records have= now become bitter enemys. They are both connected to the international split between Resistence and Combat-18/Blood & Honour, a split that has resulted= in bitter fighting. In the beginning of 1997 militants around the Danish NS88 mailed letter bombs to English "enemys" of Combat-18, and attempted to lay= the blame upon Nordland. Nordland has replyed in trying to get all the bands in= the white power music scene to choose sides in the conflict. In the beginning of March 1997, magazine in an attempt to try and take back the B&H name from Combat-18. The Swedish nazi music scene reached its peak in 1995, and it has now begun= to dissolve. Fewer bands are being formed, fewer concerts are being held and= fewer Swedish records are released. Instead, both Nordland and Ragnarock Records= have turned their attention to the international music scene. Ragnarock has tried= to distribute nazi records to Germany and Nordland managed to sign important international nazi bands to their label. The next Nordland record release= will be with the French band Bifrost.

National Socialist scene The Swedish Nazi groups, or NS groups as they prefer to call themselves,= have emerged as political projects out of the music scene. As quickly as they= have arisen they also have failed and collapsed. During 1990-1992 the nazigroup= Vitt Ariskt Motst=E5nd (White Aryan Resistence) was formed. However, due to= failed bank robberies they were inprisoned and the organisation was disbanded. The next project was Riksfronten (The Reich Front), but they never became more= than a small mariginalized group, with some media hype. After yet another= breakdown the NS groups reorganized as UNS-groups (Young National Socialist. These groupsput their efforts into selling nazi propaganda and nazi magazines= through mailorder. With the peak of the nazi skinhead movement behind them, 1995, Nordland and the UNS-groups tried to form Nationella Alliansen (The National Alliance). UNS stood for the organisation and Nordland for the economic resources. Nationella Alliansen was hyped and promoted as the brave new nazi organisation to be reckoned with. However, they only managed to exist for= ten months. In august 1996, Nationella Alliansen, organised the ill fated Hess march in the small Swedish town of Trollh=E4ttan outside Gothenburg. The= Hess march is one of the most importent yearly international nazi demonstrations. The demonstration was a complete failure; it was attacked by antifascists= and the police arrested the organizers. After the demonstration, Nationella Alliansen was disbanded and inner conflicts between the skinhead movement= and the Nordland movement came to a head. The collapse of Nationella Alliansen= has left a bitter political taste in the editorial department of Nordland, and= they now claim that they will not support any more political projects and will= only work for a "revolution of values among white youths". The remaining NS groups have tried to reorganize themselves around the informational newsletter INFO-14! Their two main sources of inspiration are= now the "nazi international" centred around Gerhard Laucks NSDAP/AO and the american nazi terrorist group The Order/Bruder Schweigend. One of the= emerging new channels for the distribution of nazi propaganda is internet. The nazi sites have started to expand and are becoming more proffesional during the course of the last few months. As an exempel, Nordland have now started an e-mail based newsletter "frihetsbrevet" (the Freedomletter) which is distributed free-of-charge.

There are several different explanations of why the nazi and extreme right movements have collapsed during the last few years. Then fascists have= murdered a refugee in the village of Klippan and they have tortured and murdered of a young boy in the village of Kode in the autumn of 1995. They have initiated= a violent nazi campaign against the liberal Swedish "antifascist" magazine= Expo in the summer of 1996 which drew the media spotlights upon the nazi scene= and created a public opinion that the state should deal with the "nazi problem." The state answered with a increasing repression against public nazi= meetings, and it has now become "illegal" to wear nazi symbols or to salute in the= Heil Hitler manner (to "heila"), in public. Both Nordland and Ragnarock Records havetrilegal trials pending for their racist song lyrics.

However, the fascist collapse should also be seen in the light of succesfull campaigning from militant antifascists. With the use of militant direct= actions and demonstrations several nazi boutiques have been closed and very= difficult for the nazis to hold demonstrations, concerts or public meetings.

love and power,

Antifascistisk Akion-Stockholm Box 381 96 S-100 64 Stockholm SWEDEN

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