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Sun, 23 Mar 1997 11:21:42 GMT

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greetings all!

it's the end of day three, or rather the beginning of day four here at chez strangway, and after a long and busy day most of the rebels have bunked down for a few hours rest. it's a rare quiet moment. the media coverage today had us in excellent spirits, and we feel that things are working in our favor. the administration's stated policy that we can stay as long as we like will soon be proved to be shit, as there are rumblings of motion from 'the other side'. no negotiations yet, except for a pr hack who presented one face to us and then promptly another to the media (claiming with a straight face that we had made no request for negotiation). still, the media slant today was on our side, and excellently linked the occupation in victoria with ours and both to the government. we were in the first slot on both radio and tv. jamie and jono were media hounds all day, with media still phoning late tonight for interviews. the rest of us prepared for monday's rally which should prove to be quite an event for ubc. not much hassle from the ubc patrol, our guards. the rules changed a bit again, and the media was denied access to the building (hmmm... just when it was getting good). but they filmed through the windows and that probably looked even better.

our feeling is that something will happen tomorrow. the pressure is getting put in the right places, and no longer can the suits here pretend to tolerate our presence. we'll see which way this goes; we're ready for tomorrow. our support network continues to be amazing through the weekend, and flyers, posters, and info sheets were written, copied, and distributed all over campus today. there's lots more to be done of course. anyone with some time and energy should come by to help out or just to visit. we're all deriving a lot of our energy from those of you outside who continue to work with us. we've put up our letters of support on the wall.

for those of you who haven't heard, the occupation in victoria ended today about 12:05 pm with the students being chased out by police. to those students who pulled that off with a few hours of preparation: you're totally amazing! and none of us will ever forget you. you've kept us alive. obviously this struggle goes way beyond ubc, and the network of resistors is increasing. the occupations sweeping canadian universities are just the beginning...

i'm gonna drop soon, or get *really* incoherent. i wanted to send a note out, to give an update and to let you all know how much we appreciate you!

in solidarity,

brian *************************************************************************** This message is from the UBC Fee Hike Protest List (protest@snopc2.physics.ubc.ca) Please forward this to any other interested people. Further info on the occupation is at http://snopc2.physics.ubc.ca/protest/protest.html ***************************************************************************


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