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Sat, 22 Mar 1997 11:22:05 GMT

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We have received no outside communication. We are feeling lonely inside the Deputy Minister's office in Victoria. Please e-mail us... ;-)

Anyway, since we haven't passed it on to the protest list yet, here is our Press Release.

----Protect the Integrity of Education---- Students Occupy Education Ministers Office

For Immediate Release Friday, March 21, 1997 VictoriaFriday, March 21 a group of students have occupied Deputy Education Minister Don Avison's office. The occupation is in solidarity with similar occupations currently underway at Okanagon University College and the University of British Columbia. The students are protesting the unanticipated tuition raises for international students and returning gradute students, announced at UBC. The raises that have been announced are counter to the governments promise of frozen tuition fees. The fees for international students have been raised 310%, and returning graduate students tuition will also be raised a total of 200%. The students assert that this raise is unacceptable, and is counter to the principle of accessible eduction for all. The government promised us a Tuition Freeze. These increases are reprehensible and circumvent the Tuition Freeze. This counters the principles of accessible education which we understood this government was committed to, stated Leigh Phillips, Director-at-Large University of Victoria Student Society. Student demonstrations in the past couple of years have led to the current Tuition Freeze in B.C. Demonstrations are currently underway in other provinces seeking a similar goal. Students believe that it is imperative for their voices to be heard if fairness in education is to exist. Accessibility to education is a fundamental part of a democratic society: it is for this reason that govenments must continue to protect the integrity of our educational system. - 30 - Contact: Morgan Stewart Numeric Pager: 995-6767 mstewart@gulf.uvic.ca http://gulf.uvic.ca/~mstewart/

In Solidarity,

Morgan Stewart and the Solidarity Occupiers

*************************************************************************** This message is from the UBC Fee Hike Protest List (protest@snopc2.physics.ubc.ca) Please forward this to any other interested people. Further info on the occupation is at http://snopc2.physics.ubc.ca/protest/protest.html ***************************************************************************


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