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March 21st, 1997 For Immediate Release

Day 2 of Student Occupation of UBC President

VANCOUVER - UBC students continue to occupy the office of UBC President David Strangway in the Old Administration Building to protest student fee increases and inadequate student consultation process. The occupation represents a student effort to expose the university's lack of democracy.

The students submitted a list of demands yesterday to the administration, but the administration has so far ignored the students. The Board of Governors, which met upstairs from the protesters yesterday, have not met the students yet.

The student protesters appreciate the wide support they have received from student and faculty members at UBC and from students in BC and across Canada. Support has also come from the Canadian Federation of Students, a national student organization, and several local labour unions. Ribbons are being tied to trees to show public support of the occupation. As well, a student rally will be held again today at 12:30pm outside the Old Administration Building.

For more information contact the office of David Strangway at 822-2121 or call the Graduate Student Society at 822-3203 or call the Occupation cell-phones at 649-5627 / 649-3756.

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