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March 21st, 1997 For Immediate Release

Tie a ribbon - support the demands of student occupiers

Ancillary fees and differential fees that circumvent the provincial tuition freeze are antithetical to teaching and research excellence at UBC.

This campus was founded in 1922 by a general student and faculty protest. This initiative gave us the space to develop world-class educational opportunities in British Columbia.

Yesterday, on March 20th, after a laborious and frustrated effort to be democratically heard, Students occupied President Strangway's office with specific demands (see below). Continued excellence and accessibility of education at UBC are their goals.

If you support the student occupiers' demands, then we kindly ask you to attach a ribbon to the trees outside the President's Office. Each ribbon symbolizes a UBC student, faculty or staff person supporting their cause.

Please come and obtain a ribbon from in front of the President's office. Show your support!

Their demands are that

1. the 210% tuition increase for international students be revoked 2. all ancillary fees decided upon on the 20th of March, be revoked

3. a binding student referendum be held on all these fees and all future fees 4. amnesty for all protesters from legal or academic discipline

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