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I tested positive for HIV in 1983. Since that time, I contracted full-blown AIDS, as well as Kaposi's Sarcoma. In October, 1996, I started taking medication. At the end of December, I found out that I no longer had KS. I had not been treated for this disease. A week later, I found out that I no longer had AIDS. A week later, I no longer carried the HIV antibody in my system. I am now HIV-! This method will work for everyone who has AIDS. I am interested in discussing this with the public. There's no money involved. But people are still dying.

Not only do I have a cure that will work for everyone who has AIDS/HIV, I also have knowledge of a means of prevention. My proof is UNQUESTIONABLE! I need to get to the media, where I will tell all. The media has been quite irresponsive, in this area. So much so that I am preparing to launch a worldwide boycott of products and services. If you act, you will be able to save a lot of people a lot of grief, as well as a lot of people's lives. With what I know, AIDS could be eradicated within a year. And, of course, new transmission could be stopped, sooner. If you are looking to science for a cure, it will never happen. The disease multiplies and mutates too frequently. I had well over 100 strands!

The boycott involves a four-step approach. Rather than creating a quilt in memory of those who died from this disease. This process will honor their memory and bring steps to insure that no one else will die from AIDS. If you are looking to science for a cure, it will NEVER happen. They will not find a cure this all-encompassing, and CERTAINLY NOT a means of prevention. Governments WILL take more of out money, corporations will only make fortunes, and MORE of us will die! The disease multiplies and mutates too frequently. Many have multiple strands, I had over 100!

1) Notification of strength. A one-week period, from March 19-26, in which we notify EVERYONE we know, that there is not only a cure for AIDS, but also a means for prevention. That with some work we could eradicate the disease within the year. The cure is inexpensive, and happens quite quickly. It took me three months, and I was on the brink of death! You can tell them that the proof is INDISPUTABLE! We can leave messages on on-line services, send press release to magazines/newspapers/news services. We can talk one-on-one, use television & radio talk shows, send telegrams, or e-mail to our elected officials, notifying them that their inaction on this matter is at best untolerable, and is definitely impeachable.

2) An event period, March 26 & 27, where everyone on all talk shows, including audience members, television and radio, worldwide calls in to say, "Tell them about the cure!" This needs to apply to all concerts AND entertainment events. Demonstrations MUST be peaceful and non-violent, placards should say: "Tell them about the cure!"

3) Then, on March 28 & 29, another event period, when no one attends, or calls in to talk shows, or attend entertainment events. If that doesn't work then 3 days later, on March 31, will start another event, the boycott.

4) There are many who feel that this "blight on humanity" does not affect them. We must show them that it does! For this step we must continue all unnecessary purchases. We will not need to buy entertainment items, or clothing. We should refrain from unnecessary utility use. We MUST take care of the everyday needs to keep ourselves healthy. We may possibly need to purchase food, and necessity items, if the boycott lasts for an extended period, but we shouldn't in the first few days. We will need to use information services to keep in touch with others and to publicize our views. We must not cause ourselves any pysical pain. I assure you, we will find that are efforts are unwasted, and that the boycott is sanctioned by God. The boycott will last until I have the appropriate discussion in the media. It appears that corporations and media will not act until we exact a high cost, but how can you put a price on human life? Many of us are dying from this disease, and we are all consumers. I can only imagine what a boycott of one day will do!

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