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Please forward the following new list announcement to anyone you think might be interested.

The Initial Press Release detailing the occupation is attached Below.

The FEE HIKE PROTEST Distribution List --------------------------------------

The PROTEST distribution list set up to keep people informed of the progress on the general protest of the recent fee hikes at UBC. This list will keep people informed of the progress of the individuals occupying the President's office. This list is starting out as an unmoderated list (which may change if their is abuse of this list) and people are encouraged to limit the topics of their posts to the progress of the protest. Only subscribers may post to the list. The archive will be printed and brought to the Presidents office as appropriate.

A WWW page associated with this list has been set up at http://snopc2.physics.ubc.ca/protest/protest.html

A list archive is maintained there.


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March 20th, 1997 For Immediate Release

Students Occupy Office of the UBC President and Demand that UBC Freeze Fees


At 8am this morning, over 25 graduate students walked into UBC s Old Administration Building and occupied President Strangway s office. The students are equipped with sleeping bags, and food in preparation for a lengthy stay. They submitted a list of demands to the administration, and will remain in the President s office until their demands are met. They are willing to face arrest in order to bring democracy to UBC. The students are concerned that a recent 300% increase in tuition fees for international graduate students will have a serious impact on graduate departments. This is not the way to build a world class university, one student was quoted as saying. We need to attract the best and brightest to our universities,

They are also protesting the implementation of ancillary fees and technology fees which circumvent the tuition freeze. If the provincial government allows these fees at UBC, then their commitment to affordable education is a public relations mirage, said Kevin Dwyer, President of the Graduate Students Society, Everyone should have access to a university education. Not just the wealthy. Their occupation follows months of frustration over the administration s lack of substantive consultation over these issues. The 300% tuition hike was approved despite widespread opposition from faculty and students, who sent over 700 letters and 2000 signatures to the Board of Governors. The ancillary fees are expected to be implemented without the binding referendum required under the policy of the graduate and undergraduate student councils. Students will be holding a rally in support of the occupiers at 12:30pm today in front of the administration building. For more information contact the office of David Strangway at 822-2121 or call the Graduate Students Society at 822-3203 or call the Occupation Cell-phone at 649-5627 / 649-3756

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