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Thu, 20 Mar 1997 18:07:26 GMT

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>Please forward to any progressive lists or individuals who might be
>From: Dr. James Winter, professor, author, member of the University
>Senate and Faculty Association Council, at The University of Windsor,
>Ontario Canada.
> The administration at the University of Windsor is attempting to
>break a campus union in order to contract out their jobs. Initially, the
>administration demanded a 27 percent pay cut from the (predominantly)
>women part-time workers on campus, which led to the strike. At the same
>time they have negotiated a pay increase of 4 percent for faculty and
>management, and initially offered a 3 percent pay increase to the
>(predominantly) male members of the same union, contingent on the
>rollback to the women!!!
> This week, students, faculty, secretaries and other unions have
>joined the picket lines in support of their co-workers, in response to a
>call to shut down the university until a settlement is reached.
> Please draft a brief note of support for 270 co-workers at local
>1001 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), who have now been
>out on strike for one month. These people are custodians, maintenance,
>and food services workers at the University of Windsor.
> Classes will end in a couple of weeks, and the strikers will be
>hung out to dry. Thanks to labour law changes by Ontario Premier Mike
>Harris, in five short months, (mid-August) the administration will be
>able to contract out the workers' jobs with impunity. There will be no
>recourse for these workers.
> Ironically, on Thursday March 20 the University Senate will
>consider final approval for a new programme in Labour Studies!!!
> All universities in Ontario have been drastically cut back by the
>policies of the Harris government and the Liberal government of prime
>minister Jean Chretien in Ottawa. But this is no excuse for taking it out
>on the people who can least afford it: predominantly part time women
>workers, struggling to support families. In the past six years, food
>services has made about a half million dollars annually for the
>university, money which has been used to renovate many existing
>facilities on campus. Food services has a current surplus of about $650,000.
> Please contact university president Ron Ianni, and tell him what
>you think of all this. By his actions he is besmirching the name of our
>institution and academia in general, around the world. Please show him
>that the international community will not stand for his sexist,
>union-busting tactics. Send e-mail to: Ron Ianni, rianni@uwindsor.ca
>And/or fax him at: 519-973-7070, or call him at home 519-256-4152 or
>office: 519-253-4232, extension 2000. If you are able, copy your
>correspondence by e-mail to: The University of Windsor Faculty
>Association, wufa@uwindsor.ca and/or fax to CUPE Local 1001, at 519-971-3665.
> If you have questions or suggestions and comments, please contact
>me at: winter@uwindsor.ca, or 519-977-7079.


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