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>>Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 18:57:32 -0500 (EST)
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>>Please forward to any progressive lists or individuals who might be
>>From: Dr. James Winter, professor, author, member of the University
>>Senate and Faculty Association Council, at The University of Windsor,
>>Ontario Canada.
>> The administration at the University of Windsor is attempting to
>>break a campus union in order to contract out their jobs. Initially, the
>>administration demanded a 27 percent pay cut from the (predominantly)
>>women part-time workers on campus, which led to the strike. At the same
>>time they have negotiated a pay increase of 4 percent for faculty and
>>management, and initially offered a 3 percent pay increase to the
>>(predominantly) male members of the same union, contingent on the
>>rollback to the women!!!
>> This week, students, faculty, secretaries and other unions have
>>joined the picket lines in support of their co-workers, in response to a
>>call to shut down the university until a settlement is reached.
>> Please draft a brief note of support for 270 co-workers at local
>>1001 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), who have now been
>>out on strike for one month. These people are custodians, maintenance,
>>and food services workers at the University of Windsor.
>> Classes will end in a couple of weeks, and the strikers will be
>>hung out to dry. Thanks to labour law changes by Ontario Premier Mike
>>Harris, in five short months, (mid-August) the administration will be
>>able to contract out the workers' jobs with impunity. There will be no
>>recourse for these workers.
>> Ironically, on Thursday March 20 the University Senate will
>>consider final approval for a new programme in Labour Studies!!!
>> All universities in Ontario have been drastically cut back by the
>>policies of the Harris government and the Liberal government of prime
>>minister Jean Chretien in Ottawa. But this is no excuse for taking it out
>>on the people who can least afford it: predominantly part time women
>>workers, struggling to support families. In the past six years, food
>>services has made about a half million dollars annually for the
>>university, money which has been used to renovate many existing
>>facilities on campus. Food services has a current surplus of about $650,000.
>> Please contact university president Ron Ianni, and tell him what
>>you think of all this. By his actions he is besmirching the name of our
>>institution and academia in general, around the world. Please show him
>>that the international community will not stand for his sexist,
>>union-busting tactics. Send e-mail to: Ron Ianni, rianni@uwindsor.ca
>>And/or fax him at: 519-973-7070, or call him at home 519-256-4152 or
>>office: 519-253-4232, extension 2000. If you are able, copy your
>>correspondence by e-mail to: The University of Windsor Faculty
>>Association, wufa@uwindsor.ca and/or fax to CUPE Local 1001, at 519-971-3665.
>> If you have questions or suggestions and comments, please contact
>>me at: winter@uwindsor.ca, or 519-977-7079.
____________________________________________________________________ This is from the International Trade Union Solidarity Campaign (ITUSC) at:- e-mail: itusc@gn.apc.org website: http://www.itusc.org.uk 'snail' mail: PO Box 18, Epsom, Britain, KT18 7YR Tel/Fax ++44 (0) 1372 817 778 The ITUSC is an international and internationalist association of organised workers and communities, dedicated to rebuilding the workers' movement and to overcoming sectarianism and division in working class organisations. It was founded in 1991 on the following principles: 1) trade unions independent of the state and employers; 2) democracy within trade unions, and; 3) workers' internationalism. Any individuals or organisations that accept these principles and are prepared to work for them, are regarded as comrades by the ITUSC. ____________________________________________________________________


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