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Thu, 20 Mar 1997 04:51:32 GMT

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In New York the local Zapatistas held a rally at the Mexican consulate in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of St. Patrick's Batallion. The St. Patrick's Batallion consisted of mostly Irish-born soldiers that defected from the American army and fought to defend Mexico from America's 1847 unjust invasion.

The following message from the EZLN was read at the rally:

>When Mexico was fighting, in the last century, against the empire of
>the bars and the crooked stars, there was a group of soldiers who fought
>on the side of the Mexicans and this group was called the "St. Patrick's
>Batallion." And so I am writing you in the name of all my companeros and
>companeras, because just as with the "St. Patrick's Batallion," we now
>see clearly that there are foreigners who love Mexico more than some
>natives who are now in the government. And we hear that there were marches
>and songs and movies and other events so that there would not be a war
>in Chiapas, which is the part of the warld where we live and die. When you
>are old, then you will be able to say to your children and young people
>of your country that, "I struggled for Mexico at the end of the 20th
>Century, and from over here I was there with them and I only know that
>they wanted what all human beings want, for it is not to be forgotten
>that they are human beings and for it to be remembered what democracy,
>liberty and justice are, and I did not know their faces but I did know
>their hearts and they were the same as ours."

Afterwards, some of us went inside to deliver a stack of signed petitions to the Mexican Consul. The Mexican president Zedillo has now abandoned peace negotiation, and the Mexican federal army is pouring into Chiapas with troops and armaments.

- Was the Mexican government's recent repayment of the bailout ahead of time meant to ensure that the Mexican Stock Exchange would not be devastated by the impending invasion?

- Was Zedillo's recent meeting with US financial interests in December meant to reassure investors that the Zapatistas would soon be eliminated?

- Is the invasion being timed to blame the Zapatistas for the impending peso devaluation?


There is ONLY one way to prevent full-scale invasion - by demonstrating that the Zapatistas are NOT alone. Phone, fax, or email your concern to:

-Mexican Consulate in NY: phone: 1 (212) 6890456 ext 19, 20, 40 or 41 email: conmxny@quicklink.com

-President Zedillo: fax: 011 52 55151794 email: webadmon@op.presidencia.gob.mx

-President Clinton: email: president@whitehouse.gov

For more information, contact: New York Zapatistas PO Box 157 Cooper Station New York, NY 10276 Phone: 1-212-650-8806

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-Felix Frost, Neither East Nor West alternative news service

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