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Wed, 19 Mar 1997 23.41 GMT

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Note on Origin: Following is an excerpt of an article taken from the german daily newspaper JUNGE WELT (Young World) from Wednesday, the 19. of March 1997. The JUNGE WELT is a former GDR-Newspaper, now being run by an editorial collective that would regard itself as radical/left-marxist. However, it is the only daily newspaper which regularly reports about activities and discussions within all parts of the german left (not just the parliamentary left), sometimes even mentioning anarchist organisations and activities (though they are usually hesitant to do this). Translation by the german A-Infos Collective.

The article below is more moderate than what had been written about Albania in the JUNGE WELT during the last week. Nevertheless, it may contain some interesting information.

Robert (from the A-Infos Group in germany)


*ATHEN SUPPORTS RETIREMENT OF BERISHA* Rebels in the south of Albania announce march on Tirana

The Greek government supports the demands of the Albanian insurgents for President Sali Berishas retirement. The foreign-minister Theodoros Pangalos said on Monday that it would be "the easiest solution" if the president gave up his post. The rebels in the south of the country had put forward an Ultimatum for Berisha until Thursday. The President should resign unconditionally. Otherwise they would "march towards Tirana in arms". At the same time the Greek foreign-minister called on the Albanian Rebels to put down their weapons. The insurgents emphasised that they supported peace but President Berisha would need to be replaced in any case. "To stop Berisha, the people who are protecting him need to be killed" said Xhevat Kociu, a former army general who is leading the insurgents in Saranda. According to the Albanian financial-minister Arben Malaj, the country needs approximately 300 Million Dollars to recover economically from the break-down caused by the investment companies. Malaj wants to make this known to the EU-Delegates who are currently staying in Albania fro talks. He said Albania needs the money to compensate the budget deficite that is growing daily and to pay its obligations. The eleven representatives of the European Union wanted to discuss questions of aid, as well as economic and military help with the responsible ministers in thrwee groups on Tuesday. Today [Wednesday - comment by A-Infos] the delegation is expectet back in Rome. They are to make suggestions how Albania can return to a democratic order. [...]

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