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Wed, 19 Mar 1997 23.34 GMT

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*I-AFD Group Hamburg I* (i-afd_2@anarch.free.de) ALBANIA REPORT from March the 18., 1997

Albania no longer is a main issue on the news.

Reports on the number of refugees gave differing figures from 7,500 up to12,000. Apparently last night, 1,200 persons arrived in Italy and during theday, another 2,500 - but then again that may be 1,200 last night and 1,300during the day, giving a total of 2,500; reports were not very precise. The EU fact finding delegation met several ministers today and discussed, butthat was all what was said.

One report said that arms are being collected in Tirana, and new defenseminister Shaqir Vukaj is confident all weapons will be returned. Thousands ofguns are said to have been handed in already. The correspondent pointed out thatthe guns taken to the collection centre he went to were all pretty ancient andhe didn't see any Kalashnikows.

It has been confirmed, though, that there is a ultimatum for Berisha to resignby Thursday from the "rebels" who are prepared to start an armed march unto Tirana if he stays in office.

Some reports mentioned the situation in Durres again, saying that criminals demanded between US$ 180 and US$ 1,800 as a fare to Italy. Other reports mentioned that meanwhile about 80% of Albania's naval and merchant fleet was in Italy. Italian authorities keep the vessels arrived in port so that they can't go back to pick up more refugees. Some correspondents speculated that in a few days, Albanians may be crossing the Adriatic in everything available but not seaworthy.

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