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This is a rough translation of an article on the situation in Albania, which was included in the last issue of "Alpha" (15/3/97). Please excuse me for my poor english.

Albania: The architects of world power in search of a new Pharaoh


During the last three weeks, the albanian society is being reborn with the help of violence, living in a condensed form the whole history of the 20th century. Ruthless exploitation, desolation of the country caused by massive immigration, colonialisation by foreign capital, atrocious dictatorship based on the secret police and a financial structure founded on quick profit for very few; this was the situation in Albania. As the society was in just a few years exposed to the whole range of misery, from the ruthless stalinist dictatorship to the total capitalist rapine, a mass popular rebellion arose to mark not only this country, but the end of the century. A rebellion having the passion and the massiveness of a true revolution, as it spreads from city to city, as army camps, navy and air force bases are seized, the most hated symbols of the regime are destroyed -prisons, police stations, government buildings- food and medicine supplies are shared, local committees are elected by the people. A spontaneous social rebellion against -at least up to now- the whole political establishment, which ignored the calls of the opposition parties at first, and of the new multi-party government then, showing a unique disgust to all attempts to control it. A rebellion which doesn't submit to ultimatums, the fear of hunger, the secret police, the fear of an intervention by the world dominators. A class rebellion of those who have nothing to lose, since they 've already lost everything they had in the establishment-supported "pyramids", a rebellion full of wrath for all the lost years of the worst exploitation in the name and with the vision of a promised capitalist paradise. And the rebels get more and more determined, as the time passes. History -and not its end- comes to reaffirm its presence in social evolution. And whatever is happening now in Albania expresses and relates to what is happening and being born in the many worlds that constitute the world...

While the armies of the media advance

T.V. stations, newspapers, news networks of all kinds, satellite broadcasts, the whole media srtucture of this age of (tele)communication is proved unable to give us a clear view of what 's happening. The newsfeed for its most part just reflects the world dominators' agony to re-establish a liveable political rule in Albania. And while the information concerning Berisha, the opposition, the interventions from Greece and Italy is quite clear, the information about what's going on inside the areas in rebellion is not at all clear. An indicative sign of the above is the news about dozens of dead that was very soon proved to be wrong. The armies of deceit are still waiting for the situation and the possible "solutions" to get clearer so that they know what to propel, nevertheless they 've already tried to conceal significant facts, distort other and show a picture of chaos to the public. It's important to point out the contradictions and the whole function of the media in this situation, in order not only to show the dictatorship of deception, but to understand some important aspects of the rebellion. What will follow is not an attempt to report what is really happening -since substantial information is missing- but some questions of vital importance about the route of events in Albania in rebellion. The first important question is which parts of the albanian society are taking part in the rebellion. The (greek) media tried from the first moment to relate it with the albanian mafia, showing its active participation and attributing to it the organised actions of the first days, like the destruction of prisons and the take over of army camps. The problem is that the confused media show the albanian mafia present in everything. The first articles on the albanian mafia, before the outbreak of the rebellion, presented it as an organised part of the political status quo of the country. Its activity was linked to the pyramid schemes -which were the basic fund raisers for the regime-, as it was involved in money washing, visa issuing (in cooperation with the greek and italian embassies -articles on this appeared in greek newspapers a few months ago), "protection" of foreign investments, organisation of an international prostitution network exploitating thousands of albanian women. Now, the albanian mafia appears to have turned against the establishment of which it was till very recently a part, since it supports the rebellion, or maybe is the core of it -according to media implications. Anyway, the reference to the albanian mafia certainly serves a very specific purpose... Another issue is the role of the greek minority, its participation or not to the rebellion. The (greek) media are trying to describe it as either a scared part of the population, not involved in any way in what's happenning, or as a social factor supporting the new government, since the greek minority party is represented in it with two undersecretaries. But it's impossible for a rebellion to be massive -as all evidence indicates- wihout the participation of the greek minority, which is at least 40% of the population of the south (and in some places the majority). This means that the minority doesn't exist or is in rebellion. In both cases, nationalist propaganda is proved not only wrong but senseless. Anyway, considering the fact that before the rebellion, the greek newspapers concentrated on the fact that the greek minority was a major loser of the collapse of the pyramids, the obvious conclusion is that it participates in a rebellion where all social elements have replaced their natonal(istic) characteristics with the unity of class anger. And, above all, what is missing from the media presentation is the organisation of the rebellion. The informations about the structure of social life in the revolted areas are almost null. The only thing that is impossible to hide is the existence of city committees elected by the people (a fact that the media had to admit, although they didn't bother to report on the way the representatives were elected). Evidence indicates that a new type of social organisation has completely replaced state institutions. Which means a higher level of formation; instead of a rebellion, a society in rebellion...

Some necessary observations

While the governments, the European Union, the USA are considering the possibility and the chances of a military intervention, the voice of world authority floods the airwaves, the news bulletins, the columns of the newspapers: ...order has to be restored! There is just a small detail; there is no chaos. Despite the visible possibility of food shortage (since imports have stopped) there is no mention of a furious mob or panic because of hunger. And despite the media need to show some executions, there was nothing more than the murders of demonstrators by government agents. There are no acts of revenge against Democratic Party (Berisha's political party) supporters, either. Despite all protesting from the establishment about chaos and disorder, this doesn't seem to be the prevailing image. So it seems that we are facing a unique in history case of a massive rebellion that spread rapidly while at the same time reaching a high level of self organisation. Facts prove nothing less than the participation of the whole population, not only in the clashes but in collective life. They prove the existence of a spontaneous self organisation that hasn't come out of books or any previous revolutionary movement, but out of the experience of the rebellion itself. Sperms of opposition to authority afteer decades of submission. In a massive popular rebellion which is also a revolution. At a moment when world domination looked indisputable. In Albania... As the not only impossible, but unthinkable invades reality, the power is trying once more to explain the facts in a way that reconstructs the shattered image of the world according to its needs. So, whatever must not be explained based on reality conditions, is analysed with the help of the mythology of divide and rule. The discovery of two different ethnological identities -north and south- serves three purposes. First, support the convenient theory of a civil war which is necessary in order to legitimate the new albanian government or a possible foreign military intervention. Second, encourage a part of the albanian society to stand by the government by inventing a theory about the rebellion which shows that the rebels from the south pose a threat to the societies of the north. And, finally, replace the class based reasons of the rebellion with ethnological differences, in an attempt to cause dissent among the rebels and turn it against imaginary enemies -making thus intervention from the outside and manipulation of the rebellion necessary. The differences between north and south are apparent in the albanian state mechanisms, but not in the way the establishment presents them to be. What was the main characteristic of the south, was that most immigrants to Greece and Italy originated from there. Thanks to the dream of quick enrichment fed by the pyramid schemes, a great part of the money they sent from abroad was invested in them. The Democratic Party used a substantial part of this capital to finance the state mechanism and the albanian north, from which it derived much of its political power. At the same time, it hired almost exclusively people from the north not only as high level government officials, but as civil servants in general. In this way, a complex network based on "customer" relationships was built. The ruling party legitimated the pyramids, used a part of the invested capital and was thus able to have the necessary social support for the creation of an in fact one-party state. The breaking of one link caused the total collapse of the system. But, as the prosperity of the north depended on the Democratic Party, the establishment is now trying to use this in order to turn a class rebellion to a civil war. In spite of what the media say, it's the power that is trying to impose a civil war...

A little while before some end... In a moment when all efforts of the regime seem to fail, when the state structure is almost non existent and the rebels are about to invade Tirana (this article was written on Friday morning), the power needs to invent some kind of solution to success Berisha. Of course, it's the multinational capital that will make all decisions. This is what was systematically and carefully concealed by the media. It never existed, it never looted the national resources, it didn't know of the existence of the pyramids (just as the long media pieces of analysis didn't know up to now), it never supported the regime, it never imposed its decisions.. Nothing is done without a purpose in the complex mechanisms of world domination. The Democratic Party wasn't chosen as the ruling party only due to political reasons, but also because it had an effective mechanism which controlled the albanian north. Which automatically means control of the albanian minorities of Kosovo and FYROM (taking advantage of traditional community structures that are still very influential in that area). So the stability of authority in Albania was related to the control of a part of the Balkans, as it provided a means of stability -or destabilisation, if this was what it suited it- in the hands of foreign powers. And since the collapse of the pyramids has expanded to FYROM and there is intense social unrest in Serbia, the albanian rebellion stands in the centre of a possible balkan crisis...

...of the first act

Considering the above and that the rebellion in Albania is directly connected to the moves in the world chess game, it's very possible that the power will sacrifice a piece in order to calm the revolted masses. But the probable choice of Berisha as a scapegoat won't be enough by itself. The social and political structures of the rebellion have to be destroyed in order to restore the pyramid of authority. It's likely that the intervention of the world order will have as its goal the participation of rebel leaders in the government, along with the US bred trend of the Socialist Party, insuring thus their absorption by the system and at the same time their submission, since they will no longer have the support of the people and they'll have to rely on foreign capital and governments. If this doesn't work, the only choice will be a military intervention, the results of which will be difficult to predict. Aside from all the above, the albanian rebellion is still alive. Even if it is defeated, nothing will be the same anymore. The whole reality of this country will be different, because the experience of the rebellion has smashed decades of submission. And the society is replacing the -apparent- world domination of power with the hope of the future. Because this is what is coming from the South...

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