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On Saturday, 12 April 1997 London will witness one of the largest demonstrations it has seen for many a long year. The March for Social Justice has been called by the Liverpool dockers, the Women of the Waterfront, the Magnet Strikers and the Hillingdon Hospital workers. It is sponsored by many organisations including the ITUSC. In their original invitation, the dockers asked all those who oppose this government - trade unionists, the unemployed, pensioners, people with disabilities, the homeless, environmentalists and the young, refugees and asylum seekers - to join in a mass rally and March for Social Justice, to celebrate our several and many struggles and send a signal in this pre- General Election period in Britain, that we are not relying on parliamentary elections to defend our right to social justice. Its themes include:- JOBS! HOMES! A FUTURE! This event marks the start in Britain of Euromarch '97, which the ITUSC also sponsors, and a People's Charter has been launched (see below) and everyone is invited to consider any additions or changes they would like to see incorporated in it. We in the ITUSC will do everything possible to ensure that this demonstration is a major success. We urge all who are associated with our work to mobilise their workmates, union branches, friends and relatives to join us and the thousands of others who will be celebrating our struggles on 12 April. Look out for the ITUSC banner. March for Social Justice on Saturday, 12 April 1997 Assemble 12 noon, Kennington Park, London (Oval Tube Station) March, dance and drum to 10 Downing St. Presentation of the People's Charter Carnival in Trafalgar Square with the 'Bateria Mandela'

BE SEEN BE HEARD BE THERE! THE PEOPLE'S CHARTER FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE Launched by the sacked Liverpool dockers and Women of the Waterfront

WE, THE PEOPLE, demand social justice:

1) Immediate reinstatement with full trade union rights of the 500 sacked Liverpool dockers; the Hillingdon Hospital workers; the Magnet workers; and all other unjustly sacked workers. 2) The right to join a trade union, to strike ,to respect picket lines and to take solidarity action. Immediate repeal of all anti-union legislation. 3) The right to work and to job security. Reversal of the policies of casualisation, privatisation and deregulation. Democratic planning to secure full employment. No compulsory overtime. Acknowledgement of the value of low-waged and unwaged work. Equal pay for work of equal value. 4) The right to recreation and assembly. Repeal of the Criminal Justice Act. 5) Defence of the Welfare State. Abolition of the Job Seekers Allowance. Free education including nursery and university provision; free health care; adequate pensions and benefits for all. Equal rights and social provision for people with disabilities, the sick, and for all minority groups. 6) The right to a home. Emergency measures to house the homeless, including occupation of vacant or underused properties. Defence of the rights of travellers. 7) Repeal of all discriminatory legislation. Defence of the right of asylum. Equal rights for all, regardless of ethnic origin, nationality, gender, sexuality or creed. The right of community self-defence against racist, sexist or other violence. 8) The right to citizenship within a democracy. Abolition of the Monarchy and the House of Lords. Withdrawal of British troops from Ireland. Repeal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act. 9) The right to a future for our children. Emergency action to reverse national and global pollution and devastation of the planet's resources. Action to curb the private car and road lobbies and to reclaim our streets; implementation of an integrated public transport system. The right to clean air, water and food. Abolition of the nuclear power industry. 10) The right of workers to organise internationally to resist injustice and oppression, to reclaim the planet and put an end to war. Abolition of the nuclear weapons industry. An end to all trade in arms and instruments of torture.


Merseyside Port Shop Stewards Committee, 19, Scorton Street, Liverpool. L6 4AS Tel: ++44 (0) 151 207 3388 Fax: ++44 (0) 151 207 0696

To add your union or organisation to the list of sponsors, contact the Shop Stewards as above, or phone the London Support Group on ++44 (0) 181 367 0021

This Charter will be presented at 10, Downing Street, London on 12 April from the March for Social Justice. Following 12 April, there will be further discussions on the development of the Charter and its implementation. ____________________________________________________________________________ _________ This is from the International Trade Union Solidarity Campaign (ITUSC) at:- e-mail: itusc@gn.apc.org website: http://www.itusc.org.uk 'snail' mail: PO Box 18, Epsom, Britain, KT18 7YR Tel/Fax ++44 (0) 1372 817 778 The ITUSC is an international and internationalist association of organised workers and communities, dedicated to rebuilding the workers' movement and to overcoming sectarianism and division in working class organisations. It was founded in 1991 on the following principles: 1) trade unions independent of the state and employers; 2) democracy within trade unions, and; 3) workers' internationalism. Any individuals or organisations that accept these principles and are prepared to work for them, are regarded as comrades by the ITUSC. ____________________________________________________________________________ ________


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