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Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) Communique #9

>From somewhere in Peru, February 1997

We, the National Leadership of the MRTA, are writing to all our brothers and sisters of the Peruvian community and other international communities:

Since electricity, water, and telephone services have been cut with the purpose of creating confusion in the national and international community, we declare:

1. That the MRTA has two authorized people to speak publicly for the National Leadership: Commander Huerta, who is in charge of the operation, and c. Isaac Velazco. Whatever Mr. Fujimori, Mr. Palermo, or any other person in the name of our organization has to say, has no validity.

2. The operation "Oscar Torre Condesu" has the objective of freeing the prisoners of the MRTA and those who have been falsely accused of belonging to the subversion. We are not going to believe the promises of Mr. Fujimori, since he does not understand the Andean culture whose main laws are: to work, not to steal, and not to lie (Ama quella, Ama sua, Ama Llulla). He lied when he promised not to apply the neo-liberal "shock", which he applied 8 days after he became president.

3. We do not want false promises of improvement of the conditions of our prisoners, when in a despotic manner he prohibits the visits to the prisoners by their humble relatives, and physically and psychologically abuses the prisoners, without letting the humanitarian organizations get involved. He also threatens the prisoners' relatives by telling them that they will move the prisoners to Callapalca, which is located at an altitude of 5,000 meters, where it will only be possible to visit them in private planes, which is economically impossible.

4. The censorship of certain organizations are based on lies, and the lack of proof on the part of Mr. Fujimori. This is not going to stop us from obtaining the freedom of social fighters, who have not accumulated material goods nor money for them or their families like Mr. Fujimori has done. He, who has a salary of $4,000 U.S. dollars, keeps his children in U.S. universities, which costs 40,000 U.S. dollars per child. This money comes from the burglaries or "bad" management of the taxes that all Peruvians pay.

5. The MRTA has publicly recognized that it is auto-subsidized by the direct taxes that certain businesses apply to themselves. These businesses also think that change would benefit them. We do not apply indirect taxes that affect the poor population of our country. And part of the taxes that we collect are divided among the poorest sectors of our population.

6. There have been some who have refused to pay those taxes, and yes, they have gone to one of the town's jails. However, these jails are our comrades' own houses, where they eat the same food, listen to the same news, and are treated like human beings. There exists in some of the tupacamarista's homes a "hole" where war goods are deposited so that they are out of reach of the repressive forces. Also, the hole is used to serve as a hiding place.

7. People can testify to the cordial and humane treatment that prisoners receive in the town's jails. Television recorded testimonies by Hector Geri and Delgado Parker, who were also involved in the distribution of food among the poorest populations of Lima, show the humane and cordial treatment. This has not happened with government prisoners who have been tortured for fighting against neo-liberalism and hunger.

8. The civil society of Peru has been brought to extreme poverty, and there exist burglaries and kidnappings that journalists from foreign countries have been witnesses to. We are not judges to judge people without consciousness, when there are burglars and murderers with ties and suits that enjoy impunity. When we build a government of the people, where everybody has a possibility to work and to live like human beings, it will be possible for us to rescue our people from going the wrong way.

9. This is why an improvement in nutrition, health, and voluntary work is necessary for the dignity and the respect of social prisoners, so that we can build a society with peace and social justice.

10. The talks have not yet entered negotiations, since there is no will to accept the freeing of our brothers and sisters in prison.

11. It is not the objective of the MRTA to make a profit from the tax money collected from the businesses mentioned above, that is why we charge modest sums and do not bankrupt those companies. Still, these companies keep covering the basic necessities of the men and women from the Ejercito Popular Tupacamarista. We understand the difficult situation of these companies under this irrational model.

12. The Comando Edgar Sanchez is not going to allow for the evacuation of any prisoner, but it has allowed for them to obtain treatment inside the residence, since any illness is a product of the lengthening of the negotiations. All the attempts to silence our ideas point to a non-peaceful ending to the taking of the residence. We call on the Peruvian and international communities, and on the relatives of the political prisoners and the embassy prisoners, to take a stronger stand against intervention, and to stay nearby the embassy as a guarantee of non-intervention. We also call on them not to trust the promises of Mr. Fujimori, since he is only looking for a pretext to intervene militarily in the residence. Now, by following certain advice, he is trying to artificially worsen the health situation.

The People Want Them Free! Tupac Amaru Lives, And Will Win!

National Leadership of the MRTA

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