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Cologne, March 15, 1997


The editorial offices of the student and youth paper "Devrimci Genclik" (Revolutionary Youth) in Istanbul were attacked by the police today. The police raided the offices, ransacked them, and arrested approx. 30 co-workers and visitors of the paper. The police are still inside the building which is also surrounded by them, the press is not allowed inside. The arrested people are now in the hands of the police. It must be feared that they will be heavily tortured.

>From a press statement of "Devrimci Genclik" about the arrest of their
>friends and comrades:

Devrimci Genclik office attacked More than 30 people arrested

The police of the fascist Mafia, torture and murder state attacked our offices in Istanbul. The state will not succeed to silence us with such attacks. The police carried out this attack, fully conscious of the massacre of March 16, 1978, when the police and the army attacked a protest action by students in front of the Beyazit university with armoured vehicles and guns. This provocation in the context of the commemoration of this massacre will not intimidate us. At present 30 of our people are taken hostage in the torture rooms. Our office is occupied by the police and it is now abused as a police station. We will say it one more time: the youth is the future. We will fight for the future. There is no force which can prevent this. Tomorrow at 12 o'clock we will be present in Beyazit-Istanbul. We will hold the murders accountable. The anger, ardour and determination of the youth will shake the squares tomorrow. We call upon the public on behalf of our paper to join the meeting in Beyazit tomorrow and to join their voices with ours in solidarity.

Please send your protest to the following addresses in Turkey to save the youngsters from torture and to ensure their rapid release.

Solidarity with the magazine "Devrimci Genclik"! Immediate release of the youngsters! No immunity for the torturers!

Prime minister Necmettin Erbakan Fax: 0090-312-4170476

Minister of the Interior Meral Aksener Fax: 0090-312-4181795

Police chief of Istanbul Ramazan Er Fax: 0090-212-5323939

Please send a copy to: Devrimci Genclik Fax: 0090-212-6387053 and the Information Centre for Free Peoples Fax: 0049-221-7602887

Press-Agency Ozgurluk: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ozgurluk
Turkey Contra-Guerrilla-State: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ozgurluk/contrind/
Searchable Database: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ozgurluk/ml.html
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