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National Peoples Campaign (npcny@peoplescampaign.org)
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 13:55:45 -0500

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE; March 17, 1997 Press Contacts: Deirdre Sinnott and Leslie Feinberg, (212) 633-6646


Thousands of lesbian, gay, bi and trans activists and groups are building for a powerful presence at the April 27 national march in Philadelphia. On that day, Clinton will join George Bush, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Gen. Colin Powell, and other political and economic figures for a "Presidential Summit for American's Future." They propose to replace social services with our unpaid volunteer labor and private charity. Underfunded and understaffed charities are already unable to meet the overwhelming needs of poor people. And replacing wage workers with unpaid volunteers is part of a corporate drive that threatens millions of jobs of federal, state and municipal workers, and public sector unions.

The White House and Congress have already united to throw millions off welfare; reduce millions of women and children to poverty; attack immigrants; downsize workers, and slash SSI. AIDS funding and public housing subsidies are being gutted, and affirmative action abandoned. Medicaid is on the chopping block, and Wall Street is trying to hijack Social Security. The most oppressed in our communities will be affected first: people of color, people with AIDS, youths, elders, unemployed, students, immigrants, welfare and SSI recipients will be the first to feel the effects.

It's no accident that this reactionary program is being accompanied by a simultaneous rise in scapegoating--racist, transphobic and homophobic attacks_like the recent bombing of an Atlanta lesbian & queer inclusive bar, women's abortion clinics, Black churches, and attacks on the right of same-sex marriage.

The call for the Apr. 27 protest includes defense of lesbian, gay, bi and trans rights, and activists are organizing for a huge, highly visible contingent. Transgender activist Leslie Feinberg concluded, "Lesbian & gay liberation banners flew at demos against the Pentagon war in Vietnam, police/FBI genocide of Black Panther Party and Young Lords, and in support of the United Farm Workers. In turn, the Young Lords initiated a Lesbian & Gay Caucus, Huey Newton issued a revolutionary appeal for unity against our oppression, and the UFW affirmed strong support for our struggle. Today we have the chance to support the just demands of all who are ready to struggle, while putting the muscle of a mass movement behind our demands for lesbian, gay, bi and trans liberation. See you in Philadelphia!"

Partial list of l/g/b/t endorsers include: Kerry Lobel, Ex. Dir., Nat'l Gay & Lesbian Task Force*; Sylvia Rivera, Stonewall Rebellion combatant, co-founder STAR: Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries, former Young Lord; Pride at Work, National Org. for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Labor; Donald Suggs, Writer & Activist; GALAEI, Gay & Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative, Philadelphia, PA; Gay Activist Alliance of Morris County, NJ; Alice Walker, Author; A Slice of Rice-Asian g/l/b/t youth, Boston, MA; Lesbian Avengers of Great Barrington, MA; Queer Nation, Houston, TX; Leslie Feinberg, Transgender activist and author; ACT-UP, Philadelphia, PA; Emergency Comm. to Stop Anti-Gay Police Violence, LA; La Sarmiento, Washington, DC; Susan Hollinshead, Whitman-Walker Clinic, DC; Ben Singer, Transgender Health Action Coalition*, Phila.; Judy Greenspan, HIV/AIDS in Prison Project, Oakland; Minnie Bruce Pratt, Lesbian Author, Anti-racist Activist; Mykael Hawley, Boston FTM Conference, Cochair; Letta Neeley, writer, Queer activist, Boston, MA; Wellesley Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders & Friends, Wellesley College, MA; Gary Bowen, Coordinator-in-Chief, The American Boyz; Kira Triea, Intersex Society Of North America*; Johnathon I. Thunderword, By The Way, Norfolk, VA; Drago Renteria, Deaf Queer Resource Center, WA, DC; Jessica Xavier, Transgender Nation, Silver Spr., MD; Robin McCubbin, faculty advisor, G/ L/ B/T Student Union, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA; Kevin O'Mallley, Michigan FTM Support, MSU, MI; Jack Bragdon, Co-Founder Maine ACT UP; Gerry Scoppettuolo, AIDS Prevention Activist, Lifeguard Project*, Portland ME; Tania Hammidi, University of CA Davis, Sarah Schulman, Author & Activist, NYC; Holly Hughes, Lesbian Performance; Artist GLBT Center, CA; National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Student Caucus.


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