(en) Demo against polience violence in Stockholm

Mon, 17 Mar 1997 11:59:48 GMT

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16 March 1997


On Saturday the 15th of March a demonstration against police violence was= held in Stockholm, Sweden. Approximatly 500 anarcha-feminists, anarchists and libertarian sympathisers paricipated in our march from a busy central square= in the traditional workers quarter to the newly opened police station on this island of S=F6dermalm. This is an extremly large turn-out for a Swedish= anarchist demonstration - especially with the thought that it was planned and executed= in only one weeks time. This demonstration has been a sort of unified rallying point for us.=20

Speeches were held at both the beginning and end of the demo and police presence was minimal. We had not applied for a demonstrations permit but the police granted us one at the gathering place! The demand for the abdication= of the police commander in charge of last weekends brutal attack upon an anarcha-feminist demonstration in conjunction with International Womens Day= was a repetitive theme in the speeches. This PIGS name is J=E4rry Edin.

Media coverage has been poitive - mainly with reasons of the brutal atack - although with an air of triviality. It is also worth noting that the= majority of the escorting police were women.

The ongoing international protest day against police violence was mentioned= in both the demo flyer and a speech. It also appeared IN FULL in Swedens= largest daily newspapers sunday edition, Dagens Nyheter. The support from anarchists= in the Geneva, Switzerland area was especially mentioned!


Stockholms Anarkister

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