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Mon, 17 Mar 1997 11:44:02 GMT

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Every year, almost one million people are tried for felonies in U.S. courts. One third of these people are tried for drug crimes. There are also a lot of people who are tried for misdemeanor drug crimes. Nintey percent of defendants plead guilty, ten percent plead not guilty. When a defendant pleads guilty, the courts spend only a few minutes with his/her trial, but when a defendant pleads *not* guilty the court will spend a few days with it. At the same time, the courts don't do any more work than they're doing now without employing more court people, but there is no money for this.

Therefore, if each of you, who has been arrested for and charged with a drug crime, refuses to plea bargain, crimminal courts will become logjammed. Also, the authorites must drop charges if they don't have time to try you. Everyone [in america] has a constitutional right to a speedy trial. No speedy trial, no charges. This is your constitutional right. The authorities have had logjams in their courts before and they drop charges when the alleged crime is non-violent, like a drug crime. Good Luck.

For more information about logjamming, write to: Richard Ames P.O. Box 1523 Greenville, SC 29602


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