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Mon, 17 Mar 1997 06:37:54 GMT

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Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) Communique #10 March 1997

The National Leadership of the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement would like to make the following known to the people of Peru and to the international community:

1. Nearly three months after the occupation of the residence of the Japanese ambassador by the Commando Edgar Sanchez, no solution to the conflict is in sight due to the inflexibility of the government.

2. The MRTA has made it clear that it seeks a political solution to this conflict. But we are just as determined that this solution include the release of our imprisoned members, as well as the release of all those falsely accused of subversion. These prisoners are being horribly and degradingly treated in Peru's prisons and they are being subjected to a slow process of destruction.

3. Since the beginning of this action, the government of Mr. Fujimori has shown a complete disregard for the lives of the prisoners of war in the residence. Several governmental spokesmen have stated that these men should be sacrificed in the interest of "democracy, the rule of law, and the principles of authority".

4. The government has repeatedly shown its desire to resolve the conflict militarily:

- water, electricity, and telephone communications have been cut off; - stones and branches were thrown into the residence grounds; - the guerrillas were issued an ultimatum to surrender and hand over their weapons; - the national and international press have been harassed and told to stop reporting, to limit their reports and their approach, and to participate in the regime's disinformation campaign; - the area around the residence has been sealed off by armored vehicles and the military; - strong loud speakers have been installed; - there was a parade of military mine sweeping vehicles and police units with heavy weaponry in front of the residence; - overhead flights by military helicopters.

All of this is proof that the government does not have the will to seek a peaceful, negotiated settlement to this crisis.

5. The surprise trip by Fujimori to various countries never had the aim of seeking a peaceful, negotiated settlement. Rather it was designed to buy some time and create the necessary conditions for a military solution.

6. Along with all of this comes the construction of the tunnel, which was carried out by the "efficient" SIN.

7. This last example implies a utilization of the Guarantor Commission, who are functioning as middlemen in the search for a political solution to this crisis.

8. All of this proves that the government does not have any political proposals for a negotiated settlement to the crisis.

9. For these reasons, Commander Huerta, leader of the commando which seized the residence, suspended the negotiations. On account of the lack of seriousness on the part of the regime, Mr. Fujimori must explain the construction of the tunnel and why he still sees a military option as the best solution, despite the fact that such a military exit would have high social costs according to his own intelligence agency. It is assumed that 75-80% of the prisoners of war would be killed by the police and military forces. Fujimori should respect the will of the national and international public opinion who desire a peaceful solution. Furthermore, he should respect the Guarantor Commission and all agreements which are agreed upon during the negotiations.

National Leadership of the MRTA

Tupac Amaru Lives - And Will Win!

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