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Sun, 16 Mar 1997 20:16:17 GMT

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Dear fellow citizens,

Make no mistake about it, there is a nationwide conspiracy among judges and District Attorneys to reduce citizen juries to nothing more than Big Brother's rubber stamp. There are now over 1.5 million Americans - a disproportional number Black and Hispanic - incarcerated. Over half of this total are in custody for non-violent, victimless "drug offenses," like growing cannabis for medical and personal use, for example.

Prosecutors and judges don't want you reading this warning or the Anti- Prohibition League's 'Jury Power' pamphlet. They arrest our volunteers, confiscate our literature, and issue a fraudulent warning about our jury information. Private prisons are big business these days and many judges are investors in "correctional corporations," such as UNICOR, for example. Morally and intellectually bankrupt, some of these judges resort to blatant judicial misconduct to try and silence us.

Recently in Gilpin County Colorado, a juror named Laura Kriho was convicted of "contempt of court" for voting her conscience in a minor drug possession case last year. The judge was outraged when a jury snitch informed him Kriho had spoke out against adult drug prohibition, and that she explained the historic role of jury nullification to her fellow jurors. Kriho was sentenced to a $1,200 fine several months after a mock hearing (without a jury of course) by an openly vindictive judiciary.

Part of the case against juror Kriho revolved around events even before the drug case began, during jury selection. On hindsight the prosecutor and judge determined she should have voluntarily told them things the court has no right to ask for. Remember, Article V of the Bill of Rights protects all of us against self-incrimination, you can not be forced to be a witness against yourself.

So, in light of the Kriho case, if you are asked for more than NAME, ADDRESS & A SIMPLE "YES or NO" AS TO YOUR IMPARTIALITY IN THE CASE AT HAND you should consider talking to legal counsel before you answer. Otherwise you could become like Kriho, punished for doing your duty as a juror.

Sincerely for liberty and justice for all, good luck.

Floyd Ferris Landrath - Director


*** DRUG WAR, or DRUG PEACE? ***

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