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zaginflatch #10 cont.

..... Racist attack in Kraljevo A group of skinheads from Kraljevo and Belgrade sometime in October, of 1996. violently entered the home of the gipsy family Mitrovic, and attacked the head of the family. The boneheads tried to beat him up, in which they would no doubtably succede. The consequences could have been tragical for Zivota Mitrovic, if he didn't defend his life and family. Zivota pulled a gun at the group invading his home and wounded two. A total of tree skinheads were arrested and they're now waiting for a trial. They defend how their attack was an act of drunkness and not a racist one, just like they all do. At the same time, a group of antifaschists from Kraljevo is lobbying in favor of Zivota Markovic to prevent that he doesn't get a criminal suit for his acts. for further information on the matter write to: Popadic Aco, Rada Vilotijevica 1/6, 36000 Kraljevo, Yugoslavia.

..... Another issue of Prigovor magazine was published. Prigovor is an antimilitarist magazine published by Belgrade's peace group Women in Black, and in it's second issue it discusses far wider range of topics than just peacebuilding and antimilitarism. All in all, Prigovor is an inspiring publication worth supporting. Unfortunately they didn't publish their contact address, so you're gonna have to try some other channels in Yugoslavia. Speaking of new publications in Yugoslavia, we shouldn't forget BUDJENJE newsletter (Gudovic, Jelezovacka 16/6, 11231 Resnik, Yugoslavia). It's a good effort with articles on anarchism, animal rights, media. There's certainly a need for such a newsletter, and we wish it was bigger.

..... Animal Liberation in Croatia? There's nothing concrete jet, but we got in hold of a flyer which was proposing that such a group should be organized. They plan to oppose the wide spread culture and defend animal rights. This group is still in the process of becoming a group, and they certainly need help. There's no snail mail contact jet, but if you go cyber, you can allways drop a line to: hrvoje.nezic@zamir-zg.ztn.apc.org Also, a coalition of - not really animal rights - groups (i.e. Societies for protection of animals - pro pets and not much more) organized a signing of petition that Croatia gets a law which'll define animal rights, and see that they get protected. They managed to collect over 15000 signatures in just few days, and you might consider this action a success, since it's at least a small step forward on a non-egzisting scene. You shouldn't get to enthusiastic though, sice they are far from real animal rights.

..... here's some info on a group we mentioned before in our newsletter. This was written by themselves and we published the whole material in it's full content.

Skrati (eng. Elves) - a basic introduction

We are an informal, non-hierarchical social ecology group, simultaneously active on two complementary levels - on the one hand we (re)present a critique of the existing society and human relations, on the other we co-create socially and ecologically more appropriate ways of being, living and acting. Due to a unreasonably widespread popularity of "ecology" with an extremely reductionist and one-sided approach to dealing with ecological problems, we warn against forgetting that ecological problems have social origins. We cannot create an ecological society without abolishing exploitative, hierarchichal, authoritarian relations and social and economic arrangements based on them. On the other hand, Elves are concerned about adding an ecological dimension to the fight for social justice - no society can exist while destroying its own organic basis. The two inseperable components - nature and culture - can be (and are) violently and mechanically separated only by a short- sighted, narrow-minded and selfish mentality.

Elves have no leader, nor any formal members. We form a web and not a pyramid. We are a group of individuals, committed to spontaneous non-violent direct action, but also to constructive building of a new, ecologically and socially sound culture/ society. We are not in it for the money, nor for the glory - if anything, we follow our playful imagination and love for life.

We have many ideas and plans and are actually actively working on their realisation! We organised quite a succesful demonstration against (french) nuclear testing in front of the French Embassy last year, we presented the issue of genetic engineering at an exhibtion at the developing social-cultural centre of Metelkova (existing as a squat at the moment) to the public and at a benefit party for our group as well. We were involved with work on presenting the dangers of nuclear energy and getting people to sign a petition, which if succesful, would result in a referendum about a premature closure of a nuclear power plant in Krsko (Slovenia). Unfortunately, the petition failed. We also organised the first Critical Mass action in Ljubljana/Slovenia on 8th of May and another one on 5th of June (1996).

We also have many other plans: we want to start a newsletter or perhaps even a magazine, covering the issues we are currently working on, presenting "hot" issues and like-minded groups and individuals, issues of interest to the Slovenian public, which are either heavily underrepresented in mass media and also among the profesionals or even non-existant at all: genetic engineering, nuclear energy, car-culture, food insecurity, transnational corporations and their politics, deforestation, biodiversity reduction, violations of human rights, political prisoners' issues, North/South divisions, radical social theory/critique, civil unrest, social ecology projects, counterculture in general. Another important project we are just starting to work on is setting up an independent infoshop/reading-room at Metelkova (***please, see below for more details!***). We are working on establishing contacts with other similar groups around the world: networking as a way of defeating isolation, but also as a way of being informed, being in touch, being friends.

This is a short introduction to our group, which we hope gives at least a basic insight into what we are about. We are interested in cooperating with you on issues of mutual interest. Languages we can communicate in include (besides Slovenian) Croatian, Serbian, English, German, Dutch and French.

******************************* Skrati Retina Metelkova ulica 6 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

e-mail: skrati@kud-fp.si

Fax number on request! *******************************


In the developing social and cultural centre of Metelkova in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Skrati (Elves), a social ecology group, and other people are working on setting up an independent library and a reading room, an infoshop, where people could get in touch with the abundance and creativity of the small press in the form of books, comics, fanzines and magazines, videotapes, CD's, audio tapes, etc. - thought provoking and intelligent material of any kind that is often very hard to get in formal/formalised institutions of a "similar" kind that stock only mainstream/"established" writers and themes. We are trying to form a space, which when established could bear enormous socializing, educational and sociable potential, especially for people and groups interested or involved with radical social change.

We want to fill our shelves with comics, pamphlets, leaflets, newsletters, books on radical social theory/critique, permaculture, forest gardening, anarchism, feminism, social ecology, fourth world, eco-feminism, class issues/struggle, green anarchism, racial/native issues, lesbian and gay studies, bioregionalism, liberational struggles, biotechnology, genetic engineering, civil unrest, vegetarianism/veganism/fruitarianism, libertarian thought, communes and communitarian living, non-monogamy, open/multiple relationships, political propaganda, philosophy, appropriate technology, linguistics, third world issues, critical communication science; with books or magazines on hoaxes, pranks, direct action, countercultures, ecological projects, living theatre, subversive actions, animal liberation (front), political prisoners, class war, squatting; we want to broadcast your videotapes, put your posters, collages, and stickers on our walls, and perform your music, poetry, etc.

We would like to provide a forum for dissemination of DIY/independent creativity, to establish an info-point which would serve as a real contact resource for people using our space, but also a place where one could get information otherwise unavailable/held back and study particular issues more in-depth. A place like that would serve also as a meeting point of people with similar interests, where they could discuss and possibly create and engage in various activities as a consequence of inspiration, which we hope our place would be able to provide. It is also our *long range* intention to set up a distribution point of the assorted material, so if this is of your interest, get in touch with us as well.

This is thus our appeal to any individual, group, distribution/mail order, publisher or otherwise that could send in (used or unused) books, magazines, fanzines, comics, pamphlets, newsletters, videotapes, audio tapes, CD's, etc., that could put us on their mailing list, give us a subscription, or donate anything else that we could use to raise some funds. At the moment our funds are non-existent, except for our personal money, resources, energy and enthusiasm that we put into this project. That's why we rely on your generosity and kindness to start moving on.

If there are books or other already mentioned material that you don't need, send it in! If you have too much money (not very likely, I guess), and don't know what to do with it (even more unlikely), maybe you would like to make a donation. If you think you could raise funds for us somehow, please get in contact with us. If you can send in information that you think we could use, please do that! We, last but not least, would like to network with you and become friends. Thanks!

the end.


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