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Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
Wed March 12 1997

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On monday March 10 several hundred anti-riot cops from the National Police evicted the premises of what until then was the okupied social center "La Guindalera" at Marque's de Ahumada #7, Madrid. Over 150 people were arrested and several were injured due to the brutal and indiscriminate police operation, when they didn't hesitate to use all available means (clubs, rubber bullets, tear gas) against those who manifested their support for the social center. The police intervention caused serious incidents in the area.

The social center had made it known in a press release that this would be a difficult eviction. A challenge to the okupa (squatters) movement, who in these times have seen attacks upon the majority of spaces rescued from the speculators and used as social centers. This repressive process is taking place simultaneously in different parts of the Spanish State: the cases of Lavapies #15 and Social Center David Castilla in Madrid, la Casa de los Ban~os in Cordoba, Cine Princesa y L'Economat in Barcelona etc...

Social Center "La Guindalera" had already announced that it would take no responsibility for what could happen during the eviction. While it was taking place those finally responsible were busy making plans to restructure-destroy the neighborhoods, repeatedly making false promises of housing for young people, nothing but lies and dirty tricks and, of course, evictions.

Faced with this our only option is to bare our teeth, to prove that this is a political conflict whose only solution is a political and not a repressive one. No eviction, no acts of police brutality are going to intimidate us nor make us stop liberating spaces to create in them real alternatives to this unjust economic social and political disorder which not only do we not share in, but which we're also ready to topple.


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