(en) April 27 Demo Demands New Trial For Mumia

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News Release

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Thousands will demand new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal at Clinton's Summit on America's Future in Philadelphia on April 27

New Evidence Points to Police Frame-up

Pamela Jenkins, the women whose explosive testimony in court proceeding two years ago revealed the systematic frame-up of hundreds of Black Philadelphians by the local police, has asserted in a sworn affidavit that the police pressured her and another key witness in testifying against Mumia Abu-Jamal. Mr. Jamal, a well known radio journalist who had exposed the long pattern of police abuse in the city, was sentenced to death 16 years ago for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer.

"Pamela Jenkins is the third witness to come forward to say that the Philadelphia police, who are notorious for their racist and criminal conduct toward the African- American community, used intimidation tactics and bribery to skew the testimony against Mumia," asserts Larry Holmes, a spokesperson for the April 27 National March on Philadelphia. "President Clinton, George Bush, Colin Powell and the other luminaries who will gather in Philadelphia on April 27 will be met by thousands of protesters who will demand that Mumia be given a new trial so that his innocence can be proved," Holmes said.

Jenkins was the friend of Cynthia White, the only one who claimed to have seen Abu-Jamal holding a gun at the location where police officer Daniel Faulkner was shot in December 1981. "I knew Cynthia White was being pressured and I knew she was scared of the police," Pamela Jenkins explained at a press conference in Philadelphia yesterday.

The April 27 protest was initiated by the National Peoples Campaign (NPC). The NPC organized a protest of over 10,000 people in Philadelphia on August 12, 1995 after Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge signed a death warrant for Mumia. The warrant was stayed because of mass pressure.

While the April 27 demonstration is demanding a new trial for Mr. Jamal it will also focus opposition to the elimination of welfare entitlements and the deep cutbacks in Medicare, food stamps, SSI, student aid and the elimination of services for immigrant workers living in the United States. The demonstration will begin at 2 pm and last throughout the afternoon of April 27.



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