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Tue, 11 Mar 1997 05:48:26 +0000

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In New York City Next WBAI-FM Advisory Board Meeting

Is set for Tuesday, March 25, 1997, at 505 8 Ave. in NYC, on the 22nd floor, at 6:00 PM.

All supporters of community radio and WBAI's UE workers are urged to attend.

At issue: during and subsequent to the Pacifica National Board's closed meeting in Galveston, Texas last month, secret decisions further excluding worker and community participation in governance were made by the current regime at Pacifica Foundation. These unilateral changes in governance, will be announced.

Following the ruling for the workers by the National Labor Relations Board last month, Pacifica CEO Pat Scott announced the NLRB decision would be appealed by her administration. She also refused to to seat the elected paid and unpaid staff reps to the WBAI Local Advisory Board. These worker representatives were the only elected members of the board; the rest are appointees.

Since Scott took over the Pacifica Foundation, more than 60 thousand dollars of subscriber funds have been spent by her regime to fight the workers at Pacifica stations. At WBAI, over thirty thousand dollars have been spent.

Now, Scott continues her war on the workers, in spite of resolutions passed by WBAI's local board supporting the current collective bargaining unit at WBAI. Scott's regime is attempting to remove the unpaid staff, who comprise most of the bargaining unit, as well as paid staff who have financial and on-air duties, from the collective bargaining unit.

All workers, both paid and unpaid, have been offered regressive contracts drawn up for the Scott regime by the American Consulting Group, an anti-labor consulting firm listed by the AFL-CIO, and known to many unions, as union-busters.

Other questions to be raised: the shutdown of the WBAI website by the Scott regime, following the hiring of Burt Glass, formerly a spokesperson for the COPS program at the US Department of Justice and an strong Clinton supporter, as Pacifica Radio's "Communications Director."

Pacifica has been making much of the cancellation of "Democracy Now" by Temple University. Temple University cancelled the program after it was announced "Democracy Now" would be airing a series of commentaries by Mumia Abu Jamal produced by the Prison Radio Project.

Pacifica press releases, while denouncing censorship, omitted to mention staff at Pacifica Stations are under gag orders forbidding on-air discussion of labor conflicts and other controversial decisions made by the Scott regime. Scott is also attempting to force on workers contract provisions which would prohibit the discussion of labor matters publicly in ANY forum, under threat of losing their jobs.

Staff have already been prohibited from announcing community meetings where these discussions will take place.

http://www.radio4all.org/freepacifica http://www.radio4all.org/


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