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Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
Mon 10 March 1997

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Libertarian greetings.

After the introduction of collective ALAS DE XUE we continue by informing about the situation in Colombia.

For over 5 decades the country has lived through a period of criss-crossed violence, on the one hand the violence generated by the political parties has left a bloody heritage still evident in the misery and injustice of the current bipartisan regime where two parties, Liberal and Conservative (which are only different in name) take turns in power for certain periods of time. Right now it is the "Liberal".

In the early 70's the violence generated by narcotic traffic dynamics (origen of some types of para-militarism) appeared. The quarrels to keep in control in certain territories caused confrontations with the new insurgent organizations. Another stage in the exodus of thousands of families displaced by violence takes place.

The fascist style politics implemented by the powers and capital to keep the privileges of a few against 94% of the population, have turned the "armed forces" into one of the most infamous instruments of death and torture in the world (see documents by Amnesty, American Human Rights and even OAS reports, European Parliament and even more surprising the vey same Dept. of State of the USA). Thousands of dead, disappeared, tortured, orphans, widows, a long etc. ]
The army's support of paramilitary groups has been reinforced by actual "laws" that stimulate the "security co-ops" also called "COEXIST". The departments that have encouraged these practices most are: Antioquia, Cesar and El Valle del Cauca, where in the last few months dozens of these organizations have been set up. We also have to say that the activities of some insurgent organizations have had negative effects in peasant and urban populations, the accussations of abuses and deaths by insurgents have intensified during the last few months. Indigenous organizations have been victimized by these actions.

The social and labor panorama is depressing, faced with this, what plans does the colombian libertarian movement have?

1- To coordinate actions that will allow cohesion among the individuals and collectives that share the Libertarian Ideal in Colombia and Latin America.

2- To empower actions that put pressure for conscientious objection to military service, seeking to create the conditions for more radical proposals such as Insumision.

3- To analyze and propel other forms of objection such as fiscal objection, that is, refusal to pay taxes, particularly those destined for military expenditures.

4- To spread the principles of anarchosyndicalism. In a country where labor struggles have no prestige, the anarchosyndicalist perspective is an alternative with great possibilities.

5- To create networks of counterinformation, which will allow us to establish contacts with independent and libertarian communications media to counteract the disinformation propagated by the media that kneels in front of the powers and capital. Good examples are the Brasilian counterinfo networks such as ANA (Agencia de Noticias Anarquistas) or A-Infos.

6- To work towards a gathering of collectives, anarchosyndicalist sections, people. A call for this event planned for December 1997 has been issued by the AIT.

For more information contact Alas de Xue.

Building Libertarian Socialism!!!



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