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[ action is Sat March 15 (..beware the ides of march...) FNB, radio collectives, etc. if anyone in Atlanta can get video, audio, or interviews it would be valuable 'quality of life' 'urban camping' etc are covers for the war on the poor

nonviolence, consensus, vegetarianism -a ]

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Atlanta Food Not Bombs Threatened with Arrest

The police in Atlanta are starting to enforce a new Urban Camping Law just passed by the city government. Mayor Bill Cambell let the law go into effect even though he claimed he was against it. While he did not sign the ordinance he also failed to veto the law which he had the legal right to do.

At about 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 8, 1997 the Atlanta Police threatened to arrest Atlanta Food Not Bombs for sharing food at Little Five Points. Food Not Bombs arrived at Little Five Points as police were telling street musicians and other artists that they had to leave the area. One police van, three cop cars and about eight officers were at Little Five Points. The police were ordering people to stop playing drums and telling artists at the plaza to leave. Atlanta Police officer Colon told Food Not Bombs that if they attempted to feed the hungry on March 15, 1997 that they would arrest the volunteers for violating the new Urban Camping Law. They did not stop the group from sharing food on March 8th. Bob Darby of Atlanta Food Not Bombs says that they will share food in defiance of this new law and are willing to risk arrest on March 15th.

Atlanta Food Not Bombs has shared free vegetarian food every week starting in November of 1994. People attending the gathering in 1996 spent time at Little Five Points. On a sunny Saturday afternoon there are a lot of people hanging out at Little Five Points playing drums, dancing and displaying arts and crafts.

Call Atlanta Food Not Bombs at 404-622-5859 for more information.


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