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Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
Mon 10 March 1997

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Anarchosyndicalist greetings.

We've read the message from comrade Winston Gallego Pamplona from Medellin Colombia. Congratulations to TURRA on their initiative.

We are the collective Alas de Xue. Our place of action is Colombia. We have been on the libertarian path for seven years. One of our main activities is based on the student movement, we have convoked 3 national meetings of students, achieving the creation of an antifascist current with aims to a larger project that will take us to the creation of free societies.

We have published a book _BIOFILO PANCLASTA. EL ETERNO PRISIONERO_ (Biofilo Panclasta. The Eternal Prisoner) that tells the life of a colombian anarchist during the first half of the XX Century. We're preparing a second edition. If you are interested get in touch with us at A.A. 72455 Bogota, Colombia. (Don't put the name of the collective) care of comrade AMADEO CLAVIJO.

We were able to publish six issues of our newspaper _BIOFILOS_ we have a few issues available.

Three years ago we approached the AIT and during its XX Congress in Madrid we were named a propaganda group and Friends of the AIT, from where we are planning, on Dec. '97, a meeting of libertarian collectives, anarchosyndicalist sections, individuals of anarchist thinking and action. We welcome all groups and collectives interested in helping plan this enevnt.

During the XX Congress of the AIT the ACAT (Asociacion Continental Americana de Trabajadores - Continental American Association of Workers) was restructured. A subsidiary of AIT in America which disappeared victim of the fascist dictatorships that spilled blood throughout the continent, from ACAT we're trying to rebuild the anarchosyndicalist and libertarian movement in America.

ACAT has a small bulletin whose first issue is available to those individuals and collectives who ask for it, we also ask for articles, pictures, stories and news from the libertarian world.

For any information use the A-Infos network.



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