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ZAGINFLATCH #10 ---------------

a semiregular newsletter made by zagreb anarchist movement ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ zap/ark; gajeva 55; 10000 zagreb, croatia... zap_zg@zamir-zg.ztn.apc.org ------------ those of you who still haven't, please note the change of our snail mail address!!! ------------

Dear friends! This is another issue of ZAG(reb)INF(ormation)(pot)LATCH. It's an english version of necemo i nedamo newsletter, another product of a group of individuals called ZAP. The goals of this newsletter is to spread the information about libertarian activities in the former Yugoslavia, or at least comment the situation from that positions. Unfprtunatelly even after 2 years of existence we still haven't managed to find reliable sources of information in other ex-Yu republics, so we often have to skip some news. Frustrated with that situation, and also with the lack of evergy within our group, we decided to seize the publishing of necemo i nedamo at the moment. We simply don't see any response. However, since we don't want to give up such work, we simply decided that necemo i nedamo will just become a news section in our magazine Comunitas. This isn a permanent decision though and we will act accordingly to our energy, and other people's responses. zap, mid March 1997.

..... Zli Bubnjari - Evil Drummers The celebration of drums is the name of an event which takes place every year sometime around winter solsticium. It's performed by Zli Bubnjari since 1992. with just one year of absence. Between 30 and 40 drummers gathered on 30.12.1997., at noon, at the main Zagreb's square and drummed like crazy their 20 minutes. The event is all about positive energy, and beleive us there was a lot of it on the spot. There was also firebreething and other instruments besides drums. Zap has also spread some materials on the spot. It was fun, fun, fun, on the only sunny day in the whole week.

..... Mc Donalds They still spread their activities all over Croatia. Their next to open store is placed in Rijeka, and then Pula. A grafity action took place in Rijeka, sometime late December. Their building site was spray painted around 5 AM, but by 9 AM the graffity were covered with paint again. Just as the unsatisfied activists thought how their action had very little affect, the next day their graffity made the headline of the 2nd biggest national daily newspaper. Soon, a public discussion was launched, and neighbours of the building site started to complain about the noise. The building inspection perhibitted McDisaster to keep on building until they solve the problems. It took them more than a month to reopen the site again, so now they're behind their time table. McDick announced the opening of their Rijeka store for 1.4., and more actions are planned.

..... Anarchist Gathering ZAP has proposed for a local anarchist gathering. It will happen on 4., 5. and 6. 4. in Zagreb, and we invited over 50 individuals from all over Croatia and Slovenia. This will be the first meeting of the kind and on it we wish to discuss the problems of cooperation (or better the lack of it), a possibility of starting a videly spread regular anarchist magazine, and see how do others feel about our planned gathering of all ex-Yu anarchists which should happen in Hungary this year. There's more announced in our plan for the weekend, but we'd rather wait until the whole thing happens.

..... New Publications Revolutionary group Torpedo, from Smederevo, Yugoslavia have continued their translating work. The newest release is a pamphlet written by Graham Purchase: Anarchist Society and it's Practical Realisation. ZAP has translated and published Profit Before Peace by Sue/Endless Struggle and Revolutionary Self Theory, written by various persons during the years. We still wait to see (and look forward to) the release of a translation of a book called Anarchist Idea. This book was translated by an individual from St. Vincent near Pula, and Italian Anarchist group Germinal should publish it in 3000 copies.

..... Countercultural zones The counterculture has allways had space problems in Croatia. With the decline of "socialist" Yugoslavia it slowly got impossible to infiltrate into the official structures which was often done before, since that was litterally the only way to get any kind of space for such activities. Sure, some remember a couple of squatting attempts from those days, which were nice while they lasted but none of them survived for a more significant period. Back in 1994, there was also a similar attempt, but even with less luck, and since then the idea of squatting has appeared but it was never strong enough to motivate the people to take action. It seems to us that this kind of situation might change, since some things have moved forward. First of all, there's a new youth club in Kutina (a small town in the Moslavina region). A small group of enthusiasts managed to persuade the local authority to provide them a buildig for such activity, and they moved in at the beggining of 1997. They have an autonomy over the decisions regarding the space, and are free to act in any way yhey please. It's yet to be seen how will this place operate, since nothing much wasn't done there, except a few shows, but there's hope. In the city of Pozega (central Slavonia), another small group got in hold of an empty building as well. They use it with approval of the owner, but nevertheless they call it:"our squat". It's a great place, which is scheduled to be torned down sometime in the future, although nobody can really say when. Also, nobody really beleives that they can prevent that happening so they enjoj every second they have. So far this place has served only as meeting space, together with a very small infoshop. The locals are very enthusiastic about their "squat" and it's obvious that it brought life into a ussually very marginalized city. Hopefully, they'll keep it up. In order to support such efforts, ZAP has agreed to try to raise some funds for the renovation of the building. ARKZIN ( a biweekly magazine, oppenly supporting civil society, with a circulation of 8000) agreed to donate 100 copies per issue, which we try to sell. The money raised in that way will go for the paint needed. An old+empty coal mine in Labin (Istria) was given to an independent radio station Radio Labin Art Express. Since they don't broadcast at the moment, and don't actually need all that space, one person persuaded them to allow him two rooms in the building. An infoshop is planned to be opened sometime this year. We have high hopes that this'll be a very active place with a strong pollitical agenda. Some less pollitical places were also recently opened in other Istrian towns, such as: Motovun, Buzet, Pazin and Vodnjan. The only trully squatting attempt took place in the city of Cakovec (Medjimurje), where a group of local punx entered a small room ovned by some building council, and transformed it into a meeting space. They had problems with the police at first but since the council never made any complaints they were let alone. In Zagreb, some circles still try to acumulate the energy and point it into a squatting attempt, but there's nothing certain yet. However, some flyers have occured which call for such an action. Zap is planning to start a series of street actions in order to take counterculture into the streets and create consciousness of it's existence.

..... 15.3. is the Int. Day Against Police Violence, initialized by one French and one Canadian group. SCHMRTZ TEATAR, our very own performance group announced that the'll cheer us up with another of their spontaneous and disorganized appereances. It's supposed to happen out in the open.

..... NHD is a joke! (SuperCleaningLady comes to rescue once again...)

NHD (Nova Hrvatska Desnica = New Croatian Right) is really a joke. They are the most radical neo-nazi pollitical group in Croatia, on paper. They stand for death pennalty for "immoral" crimes (homosexuality included), white+national supremacy and all those funky shit that makes nazis just a bunch of cracked minds. Anyhow, no matter how tuff they sound on paper, the reality is totally different. First of all they never managed to registrate their party, meaning they can't get 100 members over 18. That's pathetic isn't it? Secondly, their leader is a son of a Partisan/Yugoslav Peoples Army general and a jewish mother (meaning he's also a jew). He was born and raised in Belgrade (Serbia) and only afterwards moved to Zagreb. How can a person like that claim that he's a Croatian nationalist? Mind you, he even beleives he is! Last, but not least comes their inability to organize at least a serious looking action. When they organized a demo in order to claim that Tito's Square changes it's name into Pavelic's (Tito was a "socialist" dictator, and Pavelic a quisling one), less than 20 people showed up, and the cops just laughed at them. The best story regarding their legendary "tuff luck" is the one which happened just recently. Since local ellections should be held in Croatia, on 13.4., NHD tried to get enough signatures to candidate as individuals (because they're not registered). They put out a small table on the streets and tried to get people to sign. At first a small group of antifaschists made posters and flyers against them. That wasn't necessary because nobody even bothered to sign. However, when NHD called a press conference only one journalist showed up. Unfortunate for them, they left the key of the room, where the conference should be held, on the ouside, so just as they were to begin members of the same group of antifaschists closed the door, locked from the outside, put their poster on the door and left. Later on they made a statement how jews, rulling party and punx united against them. The title of the article was "Cleaning lady opened the door.". Now, are they a joke or not?

While speaking of antifaschism, we're looking forward to actions which should take part on 20.4. and 13.5.

..... 8th March, welcome back.

It's funny and sad at the same time how people easily addopt to new political situation. 8th March is the Internation Day of Women, but as it was allways celebrated during the socialist era, the new situation resulted that people don't even notice it anymore. Before they didn't work that day, today they refuse it egzists?! Undermining that, local women's rights group Elektra have organized 2 days of intensive workshops. It's nice that at least somebody noticed the date.

..... Video+Discussion tour

15., 16., 17. 3. are the dates; Pazin, Buzet and Rijeka are the places. Members of ZAP will take two films (in rememberance: Ken Saro Wiva, doc.,G.B., 53. min, '96 - about Shell and Nigeria; and Date with Death, doc., G.B., 24. min, '96 - about Mumia Abu Jamal) to some cities which aren't activly involved in the anarchist scene, and try to propose a discussion as well as spread some materials. The video material was generously landed to us by Centre for Peace Studies.

..... this seems to be the end. apologies for bad english and spelling mistakes. ..... please send replys to ZAP and not to the sender of this message.

(@) (@) - MARKO V. !! -u--u- ## CrossPoint v3.02 ##


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