(en) The Tragicness of Anarchism

Calbayram H (hcalba@essex.ac.uk)
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 18:00:06 +0000 (GMT)

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Every coherent Anarchist theory tends to terminate itself in the end; although it looks for ways out. But Anarchism does not need such attempts. Because this is the heroic self-determination of Anarchism in the name of everything it has opposed - and hasn't forgotten - after its temporary victory against each kind of power's atrocity, instead of living the joy of that victory. But this self-determination is not the end. Anarchism, just like Phoenix, recreates itself from its own ashes. This tragic self-determination-rebirth continuity is the unique truth and rightness of Anarchism.

Questions emerge here. Is anarchy one of the regulatory means of power? Does power use it? I do not want to say "Yes." My will must direct my thoughts. Even if power uses anarchy as a means of repeating itself, this, first, means to accept its damaging-renewing effects, thus the existence of it. Secondly, the power of the power which renews itself by means of anarchy, does not increase. Just the opposite: it decreases. That is why power does not want anarchy, but it can only bear it. How can a borne thing be named as a means!

Anarchism's goal is aliving where people are not forced. This is the utopia of Anarchism. This goal is taken as an upcoming and the last goal of humanity. It is to be on that road. Anarchism is on the road, not at the end of it. Anarchism, with the self-determination-rebirth spiral, proceeds in this continuous attempt. To be on the side of Anarchism is to be on the side of humanity's humanity. And this is to dream of a free world. But the road is tough. Let us not deceive ourselves. Humanity has entered none of the heavens promised for over 200 years. Illumination has promised maturity, the French Revolution liberty, capitalism prosperity, and Marxism liberation. The reason why these heavens have turned false is that each of them were thought to be realised soon. But Anarchism denies itself such a luxury of illusion. Let it be known: many many anarchisms will die and re-emerge on this road. The dead is the body of Anarchism the soul is born even younger each time from the ashes of the body.

Omer Naci Soykan

[This article is taken from a Turkish Anarchist periodical called "Ates Hirsizi" (Fire Thief), 7th issue June 1995.]

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